OK GO – Brilliant video spurs You Tube viral Marketing – But how’s the music?

9 Million downloads of a $5 video shot in their back yard has landed OK GO a spot on the MTV Video Music Awards as well as a whirlwind of limo rides, big parties, bigger venues, more albums sold, a spot on Conan O’Brien & David Letterman, as well as a worldwide contest on You Tube where fans of the video for “A Million Ways” can submit their own version for a chance to do the funny little dance on stage with OK GO….live. The dance is great. Well Executed. And damn funny. Check it out.

But how’s the music? If you like dance throw back bands (like many you hear coming out these days) then I’d have to say…the music is good! I could see myself getting a groove on to OK GO after many cocktails with a bunch of friends at a local bar. And I bet they are an undeniable magnet of unbelievable force that pulls many, many women to their shows. Good dancy beats, good up front bass, a little bit of nostalgia, and some good disco chords make OK GO a fun band with fun music and best listened to with a heavy buzz on.

Here’s what I mean by people imitating the video and sending it in to You Tube in order to win the contest. Pretty Funny.

OK Go! vs. Lego

And now that the first video has them on a whirlwind tour of shows and interviews, the band has decided to put out another $5 video all done on treadmills. Damn funny, well done, and already millions of views! Here is OK GO and their video of “Here it goes again”. Enjoy!

Check out the OK GO album: OK Go

2 thoughts on “OK GO – Brilliant video spurs You Tube viral Marketing – But how’s the music?

  1. Hey onehotjordan! Welcome! I agree with you…those guys deserve the attention they got for those videos. They obviously put a lot of time into it and owe that dude’s sister who made up the dance’s a lot of money. It’ll be interesting to see what they come up with next time. I’m thinking a choreographed airplane jump.

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