Breezin (Yacht Rock) Light music that doesn’t suck (sometimes)

By popoular demand this post has been added for those who find Non Top 40 Music on the lighter side enjoyable. We’re talkin’ Steely Dan, George Benson, Lounge, Light Listening…you know…music that makes you want to cork a nice bottle of wine, sit in a nice leather chair, and smoke…(pole?)

Now this album is the definition of Breezin’. How about a little George Benson for yo ass? A MUST have: Breezin’

16 thoughts on “Breezin (Yacht Rock) Light music that doesn’t suck (sometimes)

  1. Yes!!!!!”I know what happensI read the bookI believe I just got the goodbye lookWon’t you pour me a cuban breeze, Gretchen?”That felt real good to write.Now what song is it from?I’m guessing that the correct response will be from el ticknor and absolutely no one else.Speaking of which, how’s Breezin going Mahsheet?I have a funny feeling that this topic will be very lonely.Hey, Mahsheet, your myspace doesn’t exist. Couldn’t find everyday dolores.Some light music listening suggestions – and these don’t suck.Essential light music for desert island living: (Could be the name of my album)Les BaxterEsquivel – Space Age Bachelor Pad MusicLegendary Jim Ruiz – o Brother where art thouDonald Fagen “The Nightfly”Michael Franks “Sleeping Gypsy”Michael Franks “Art of Tea”George Benson “Breezin”Stan Getz/ Joao GilbertoCaetano Veloso – DomingoWalter Wanderly – anything (it all sounds the same)Harry Connick Jr – 20 Robert Palmer – Ridin High (singing standards)George Benson – Masquerade (i think that’s the name of the album, whatever has Masquerade on it)This is a hard list to do.I mean how often do you listen to Breezin’?Not often enough, my friends.Not often enough.

  2. Donald Fagen – The Nightfly – “The Goodbye Look”I’m sad to say that I don’t even have a copy of this albumn anymore. One of those that I keep meaning to rebuy.And “This Masquerade” is on Breezin’. Jesus Christ.

  3. I’m not much of a breezer. But when I’m feeling’ breezy, I may throw on:Joni Mitchell – HeijiraSteely Dan – AJAMichael McDonald – If That’s What It Takes (note: Gadd on drums)Bottle Rocket Soundtrack (It’s a Mothersbaugh masterpiece)Of course, If I’m breezin’ on a yacht, I’m definitely brining Buffett’s A1A and his Livin’ and Dyin’ in 3/4 Time. And, of course, Mike gets thrown overboard to hang with the Croc Hunter in Davey Jones’ Locker, after he bitches about Buffett — on my fuckin’ yacht — without ever giving this Ameriacn master a real listen.

  4. I was thinking of Weekend in L.A. The live version of Masquerade with the Broadway song.I haven’t heard Breezin in a long time.So Lester can lick his own taint.Speaking of taints, I have to admit that I am now an admirer of…god, you’re going to say I’m gay for this but…Diana Krall (Elvis Costello’s wife, though she didn’t need him to make it big – she is not one of those lucky musicians)She has a great voice. Very unschooled and straightforward. But one of the jazz giants (I can’t remember who) heard her singing at a bar when she was nobody recommend that she concentrate on her vocals (she’s a very accomplished jazz pianist) she hit it big.She’s really good.”Live From Paris” is the way to go.I tune it and play at your brunch on Sundays. Very nice.I don’t even think Mike could make fun of her. At least not in any original way. He might even respect her a little bit.

  5. I just noticed that Mike’s response to Lester’s bitchslap to me was broken into two parts with a three minute interval between his initial response and his witty comeback.Just thought I’d point that out.

  6. Thanks for the props, Chad. Somewhere McDonald is smiling a big bearded grin.Mike — I know you harbor hatred for all kinds of singer-songwriters, including Buffett. After all, you’ve been saying so in the same insecure macho tones for 15 years or so. (KA-BAM!!!)The issue here is that you have no idea what you’re talking about. I’m certain that you have never sat down and listened to, say, “A1A” or “Livin’ and Dyin’ in 3/4 Time.” You just dismiss them wholesale because you hate all the things that his music is associated with. You mistake the symbol for the substance, with Buffett and lots of other music you dismiss. But you’ve gotta make that separation. Gotta.Just think of the poor, poor Grateful Dead. Almost all of their detractors and most of their fans have never really listened to the music, which is a shame becasue there is an exceptional and gifted band behind the Dead myth and symbol. Identity politics drives its fans and its detractors alike. Same for you and Buffett. Shame, shame.

  7. If I don’t like it…I don’t like it. Cheesburger in Paradise will never be heard coming from my stereo (unless you sneek it on while we’re drinking mass amounts of beer in the dude room).There are many opinions out there regarding music and you are one of the lucky ones that can see good in almost all music. Not me. I’m opinionated and easily turned off from music that that sounds like a McDonalds commercial.

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