Audioslave – Revelations | Is it any good? (music review)

Audioslave Revelations Audioslave Live

It seems that the days of “Rage Garden” are definitly starting to slip away as Audioslave starts to come into their own as a band. I wouldn’t say they are completely there yet, but “Revelations” is a step in the right direction.

When I first put the album in and heard the mello Morello guitar line turn into a tight, driving riff that ripped through my car speakers like I’d just been hit by a Mac truck in the Best Buy parking lot, it made me jump as well as the hairs stand on the back of my neck. I was stoked. Ok, the song “Revelations” is a kick ass album opener.

I thought I was in for a dissapointment on the second tune “One and the Same” but Morello fails to dissapoint with an impressive 100-note-a-second solo (known as 100 n/sec in mathmatical terms). And Cornell can still belt it out like always. “Ok, song 2 = good”.

I hear another Tom Morello signature riff opener on “Sound of a Gun” and turn up the car stereo to peak levels. Still Diggin’ what I’m hearin’.

Then I get to song 4, “Until we Fall”, and I get a sense of “Oh, NO… not another Audioslave ballad” but as the song progresses it saves itself with a build up to a crushing chorus. Not Bad.

My fears are growing that I’m going to be let down just as “Original Fire” comes on…and my heart sinks. Did I just enter a Baptist church with the congregation all clapping, swaying, and throwing their hands in the air? I think I did. Not a fan of song #5. Let’s move on. Weird.

Hmmm, song #6 “Broken City” is better…a nice, slimy, gritty tune. Song #7, “Somedays” starts out with some good Cornell Choruses. Getting better!

Song #8 “Shape of things to come” staying about the same energy level…Song #9 “Jewel of the Summertime” has a nice funky, rock groove going – I like it. Still hanging on.

Let’s close this album out. I can only stay in my car parked in my garage for so long until my neighbors start to bitch (having a newborn and all..screw it…keep the volume up). #10 “Wide Awake” is an slow raspy tune with big choruses. I’m still here.

#11 “Nothing left to Say but Goodbye” is another slower, raspy vocaled tune. Let’s move on to the last track. I’m hungry.

#12 “Moth” OK, now we’re talking. Morello, Cornell, and even Brad Wilk step it up to close out the album with some good energy, good big meaty riffs, and a…fade out!? a FADE OUT!? Were is the hidden track? You don’t just fade out an album like this? BLAH! Brenden O’Brien (producer/mixer) should be shot for that.

So over all I like the album, but felt that I was left hanging…waiting for Cornell to belt out “BURNIN’ THAT GASOLIIIIINE” The more I listen to it, the more I skip song #5 and find myself going back to the first 4 songs. It’s definietly worth buying, but definitly worth skipping song #5.

Check out Audioslave’s new album: Revelations

4 thoughts on “Audioslave – Revelations | Is it any good? (music review)

  1. Dude. I don’t like Audioslave. I’m not the hugest Rage or Soundagarden guy either. I like a few tunes. I liked Chris Cornell’s solo song that was on the radio a million years ago. But “Original Fire” is a fine song (I just listened to it on their MySpace site). Maybe a little bit of a gospel tinge, but nice bass, crunchy guitars… I think the verse is awesome. I was literally expecting choirs and shit from your description…

  2. THis album is more of the same from a band whose first 2 releases I felt were great. I like this one too but there are no immediate killers like the first 2. However after several listens I am warming up to the album as a whole and slowly upgrading my opinion. Currently the disc is rated “that’s cool man”

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