Top 25 Long Term Music Web Searches – What’s the world coming to?

Here are the exact searches done on all major search engines over the last year that mention a music artist. This list is in order from the most searches to the least with the least still receiving it’s fair share of web traffic and visibility. You know they say… a keyword search is psychologically how that person thinks about what they are looking for and if society is still thinking of music as an art form then I think we are in BIG trouble!

Most of these artists have the brain capacity of a walnut and are products of the big record label machine. There are a few artists on here that are actually doing something different while also making a statement besides “I wish I were at the club grinding on you baby ’cause you make me so hornay!!! Come out yo’ trailer and play with me. Teach me about the Chicken of the Sea…” If it weren’t for some of these legitimate artists (particular names left out) then I would just completely give up hope on music as an art form and just call it a commodity to be abused by Wal-Mart. Oh wait, that’s already happening.

Anyway. Enjoy. And feel free to buy the commodities below.

  1. paris hilton
  2. jessica simpson
  3. panic at the disco
  4. eminem
  5. akon
  6. beyonce
  7. 50 cent
  8. britney spears
  9. weird al
  10. lil wayne
  11. lindsay lohan
  12. slipknot
  13. justin timberlake
  14. korn
  15. evanescence
  16. shakira
  17. system of a down
  18. linkin park
  19. metallica
  20. hilary duff
  21. disturbed
  22. christina aguilera
  23. nickelback
  24. jibbs
  25. jennifer lopez

4 thoughts on “Top 25 Long Term Music Web Searches – What’s the world coming to?

  1. I’m calling bullshit on this one. I have no idea who most of these folks are, but I don’t think paris hilton is does any sort of music, does she? Anyway, she is being google-stalked for her home videos. More to the point, as much as I am a Yankovick enthusiast, there is no way that he is one of the top 10 most googled musicians. No way. Not even the top 5000. Maybe he’s got a dirty home video too that everyone’s queueing up to see; take a number take a seat.

  2. Yeah, Paris Hilton just released an album and it flopped…and of course she is being searched for booty, but she still made an album.Also, believe it or not Weird Al just hit the Top 10 with his hit “White and Nerdy”The list of top searches is from Dogpile, Yahoo, Google, Ask, amongst many others. Go to http://www.wordtracker.com and ask for the latest most searched terms and you will be enlightened. Oh, make sure you filter out all the adult terms…those are the real rulers of the internet.

  3. The music industry isn’t geared towards old fogey’s like us. Otherwise Mtv would be showing those Nelson twin videos Mike so desperately loves (God those chicks were hot). The big money comes from the school kids (grade through highschool). It’s always been that way and always will be that way. Although if I could I would love to say, “I’m calling bullshit on this one.” It’s a great sentence.Paris Hilton was not, infact, keyworded. No, it was Paris Hilton’s poonani that was keyworded.Get it straight. They’re two different beings altogether.

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