Big Business + The Melvins (and an open apology for redundant posting)

First and foremost, apoloiges to YLTWatcher… for not seeing his earlier post on the latest YLT release prefer hamming it up with an open letter to Henry Rollins.

The Melvins + Big Business @ Emo’s, Austin, TX
Friday, November 17th, 2006

Anyone ever hear that a lot of serial killers come from the northwest? I think i heard that somewhere.

Anybody know of or remember the heavy driving more-metal-than-sludge topped of with shrieking razor-sharp-vocal tearings of KARP? I recall first hearing it stoned out of mind and realizing that everything else in the world was bullshit. EVERYTHING!

Alas, KARP is gone with the passing of one of their former members. But Big Business carries the energy forward.

Anybody remember the grunge-ploitation of the early nineties? No? Didn’t think so. How about when King Buzzo from the Melvins dragged the MTV cameras around to look for a new house, since being a fore-runner of that flannel-clad sound, he figured his name alone could get him a mortgage (or the melvins interviewed by the french).

I do not remember too much from the show personally except that it was fucking insane. The force of thick and heavy head-smashing waves of guitar grinding were only amplified by the insane peaks of dual drummers… one of the melvins… the other formerly of the murder city devils… now of big business. just wanted to give a shout in case any yall find your way to some of their stuff… unfortunately it looks like i missed posting before the SF gig.


4 thoughts on “Big Business + The Melvins (and an open apology for redundant posting)

  1. No offense taken. That “review” was actually just my ramblings in a slapdash e-mail that was then copied and pasted to a post by Mahsheet, so not a lot of thunder to steal. Yes, serial killers seem to come from the NW a lot, but murderers, rapists and pedophiles seem to always go to Texas or Florida to commit their crimes, or to hide out and commit more crimes once they are in trouble or sense looming trouble in the state they are from.

  2. Dude, is somebody taking over your blog or did you add all these damn links within the text of the posts to sell us mortgages, (not to mention the slightly less annoying Amazon pop-ups and roll-overs)? I am down with a certain amount of commerce on the site, but sheesh!THIS SCATHING COMMENT SPONSORED BY NEW M&M’S DARK CHOCOLATE CANDIES. AVAILABLE IN STORES TODAY! TRY ‘EM!

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