Primus @ The San Jose Civic Center (Concert Review)


As you can see I snagged Ler’s set list from the show at the San Jose Civic Center Primus show on Dec 5th. It’s cool not only to remember the tunes Primus played that night…but you can see which songs run into one another with the brackets as well as the guitars Ler LaLonde plays on each tune.

The show was, of course, nothing short of incredible. I don’t think we saw Les’s face all night except to catch a breath from underneath his Pig, Elvis, and Circus Freak costumes…not to mention his stellar bass playing and stage antics.

Ler was in standard form teetering on the edge of brilliance and floundering while Herb the Ginseng Drummer looked a lot like Neil Peart up there with his skull cap, huge kit, and flawless playing.

Also, as you can see above the night went something like this:

  1. To Defy the Laws of Tradition
  2. Mr. Know it All
  3. Sargent Baker
  4. Damn Blue Collar Tweekers
  5. South Bound Pachyderm
  6. Sailing the Seas of Cheese
  7. Mr. Krinkle
  8. De Anza Jig
  9. Over the Electric Grapevine
  10. My Name is Mud
  11. Harold of the Rocks

Now you are probably saying to yourself…No Jerry? Are you kidding me? Nope. NO Jerry. Which is quite alright considering all the great tunes we heard. I’ve seen Primus many times and can do with out Jerry was a Race Car Driver at this point in my life. It’s all good in da hood.

The crowd was killer and as you can imagine the standard bouncing and mild to moderate moshing was about. And there’s always that one drunk dumb shit (besides me) wobbling around in the center of the pit getting pummeled from every angle only to be knocked down viciously and then helped up by a few helping hands. It was kind of fun to watch this happen over and over again, but dammit if it didn’t detract me from watching the stage instead of this human tackeling dummy.

So all in all, Les, Ler, and Herb still got it. Great show. Oh, many thanks to Ler’s guitar tech for the set list and a large apology goes out to the bartender at the Mission Ale House I so un-intentionally offended. Really.

4 thoughts on “Primus @ The San Jose Civic Center (Concert Review)

  1. Yea I was at this concert.. Im a bass player so obviously a HUGE primus fan and this was actually my first primus concert (i saw les in santa cruz but it wasnt primus, and my favorite primus trio is definitly Les, Lur and Tim Alaxander so this concert was epic for me) as much as I love mosh pits I spent the whole concert right in the front on the rails (getting smashed most the time) watching les the whole time.. GREAT F***ING CONCERT!!!

    • Very cool! And ya, I’m a guitar player myself so I love watching Ler with his angular, crazy riffs. The first time I saw Primus was right when Sailing the Seas if Cheese was released. I went nutz!

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