Trey Anastasio BUSTED! (Not for creating bad solo albums)

Trey Anastasio from PHIS - BUSTED!It seems Trey has a taste for pain & anti-anxiety pills, and hashish as he was busted in Albany, New York by the 5.0. Trey was allegedly swerving all over a rural road early morning on December 15th where the amount of drugs found on him may lead to a felony arrest and possibly a Grand Jury. It has also been rumored that Trey has a tenancy to dip into the big H bomb as well and was the reason for Phish’s first break-up…purely rumor though.

Trey was quoted as saying he felt “terrible about what happened last night, and I am deeply sorry for any embarrassment I have caused my friends, family and fans.”

That’s ok Trey. We still love you. I think your last couple of solo albums may have embarrassed us more than this (oooh, I know it’s a cheap shot, but dammit ain’t it true?). We’ve all been there. We like the party as much as the next person. But dude, YOU HAVE THE MONEY FOR A LIMO DRIVER! Damn, if I’ve never understood why the rich and famous continue to drink (or drug in this case) and drive when they have plenty of money for a cab, or even a limo for jeez sakes. Dammit people…use your heads! Or better yet your wallets…

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