8 thoughts on “Fall Out Boy Blows Chunks

  1. umm my myspace name is falloutboy 679 and i am mad at this thread.. all us emometalfagcorefags are going to totally make lame myspace comments on your profile!!!!! LMAO ROFL LOL FAG! Like I can totally relate to a song about how my dad pushed his wang in my mouth and that’s what makes me emo!!!! dammit dad.. FAB rules!

  2. For someone old enough to have lived through punk, post-punk, and the ’80s underground alternative, it’s deeply depressing to see that punk has just become another flavor of corporate boy bands. They all sound EXACTLY the same (with that same whiny voice), they use the same simple-minded chords, and they all royally suck.I keep praying for Saint Cobain to come back and slay the dragon one more time, but I know it ain’t gonna happen.The one thing to feel hopeful is knowing that more and more kids are becoming hip to the fact that today’s pop “music” is absolute shit. Endless rows of cloned Ken and Barbie dolls, all lip-synching to the same jingles. They’re turning back to glorious vinyl – and rediscovering the soul of music that has been lost.There’s gonna be a musical revolution coming…that is, if the kids are allowed to revolt, if they haven’t become too lazy and too stupid.Hey, look! Fall Out Boy! Nickelback’s on the radio again! And they’re stealing from Cyndi Lauper songs again! Whee. Please shoot me.

  3. LMAO ROFL LOL! AHHHH HAHAHAHAHA! That’s funny shit.Hey DTM. Great post, but where are these kids that are getting ready to revolt? I don’t see ’em…I hope to gawd this is true, but all I hear is more fallout boy wannabees and shitty music.

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