Topple is Having a Party!

I know most if not all of the faithful Top 40 sucks folks won’t be around but, Topple is throwing a St. Paddy’s day party in east Austin instead of trompin through, South by Who Cares. I also apologize for my absence from the board, but lining up the bands, brauts, beers, and burlesque has not been as easy as one might think.

still waiting for the Ullimike album,

6 thoughts on “Topple is Having a Party!

  1. Did any of the bands on your label have top 40 hits on the charts in 1985? did any of them release a conept album in the 1970s or a double live album sometime between 1971 and 1989? Have any of them played stadium tours or appeared on MTV? Would this performance be considered a reunion concert following an absense from the scene for at least 15 years for any of the acts on your bill? Are any of them former members of Jane’s Addiction or Soundgarden? Is one of their members known both to his friends and to the music industry as “Fuze”? If the answer to all these questions is “no” I’m not sure your post would be appropriate for this retooled blog anymore.

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