12 thoughts on “It’s not right

  1. Anybody see the interview with him in Newsweek? It’s pretty good, though a little short. It’s the first time I’ve ever seen him acknowledge the fact that no one’s ever come close to accomplishing even 1/10th of what the beatles accomplished including himself. Its’ great. And then he said he really admired Sting’s Field of Gold. And then he said he really loved Billy Joel’s “Don’t go changing” AKA to the rest of the world as “Just The Way You Are.”He’s still a fucking Beatle. He just packed all his genius in those 7 years and every now and then he produces a tiny gem since Ram. I think if the guy sold plates of his own shit to the public we should all be forced to eat it because well, he was a Beatle.

  2. I believe the richest musician on the planet is Andrew Lloyd Weber. And I think David Bowie may actually have more money than Paul. That stuff sort of fluctuates.And speaking of unbelievable, I can’t believe Lisa has the fever…for a baby!

  3. I risk sounding stupid ,but who the fuck is Andrew Lloyd Weber? And David Bowie? Ya think? Can’t you buy shares in him or something? Same with the rolling stones?Oh, and yes. baby fever. Draw me a freeezing cold bath…

  4. Andrew Lloyd Weber is the guy that wrote Les Miserables and Cats and other such famous musicals (I think he wrote Cats). Anyway, either he or Stephen Sondheim wrote every famous musical you can think of.Shit. Did I just out myself?Maybe no one noticed.

  5. You outed yourself as a former theatre professional who knows/remembers even less than I do about theatre. Webber had nothing to do with Les Mis, and it is better for it. Sondheim had nothing to do with it, either, but he is a genius, far superior to Mr. Webber. You even have at least one Sondheim tune in your CD collection, Chadd. Take out your 2-disc Pet Shop Boys B-Sides collection (the one with the black cover with them wearing some kind of screens over their heads) and listen to Disc 2, Track 4. Fag.

  6. The new McCartney iPod commercial is laugh/cry-out-loud horrendous — he looks like a total d-bag sauntering down the cartoon street playing a completely unimaginative tune on the mando. Somebody needs to make him stop.

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