The Police at McAffee Coloseum – A dicotomy of sorts

  • The Police were loose as shit – The Police were still brilliant
  • The Police would fall apart frequently – The Police were still brilliant
  • Sting threw in a bunch of his Stink like Aguilera Vocal Parts – Still Sting was golden boy, his voice like buttah
  • Andy Summers is 64 yrs old a floundered a bit- Andy had his rips and soloed like a motha’
  • Stewart Copeland was behind a lot of the time like he couldn’t hear his stage mix and missed many Copeland “must have” fills – He still ripped like Animal when in the pocket and had a HUGE grin on his face the whole time.

The moral of the story? The police just can’t suck – EVER…no matter how hard they try the songs are brilliant as well as the players who play them. They just can’t suck. There were times of incredible brilliance during songs like “Beds to Big Without You” and “Invisible Sun” where I shat myself twice (The people around me didn’t like that so much).

They jammed like I’ve never heard them jam before…and one in particular that I’ve NEVER heard before which was obviously structured and a potential new tune. Andy Summers said in the latest issue of Guitar Player Magazine that they have been jamming on 2 possible new tunes and if all goes well another ALBUM! Sweet…I think that jam was a taste.

Lastly, Sting’s bass playing was so dead on. Thump thump thump through the whole show. I have such a new found respect for him (until I put on his latest solo efforts).

Oh, and I’d like to welcome Gusten Vincent Ticknor (known as Gus to his friends) who was born at 1:24pm, June 12, 2007. He weighed 6 pounds 5 ounces, and he was 19 and 1/2 inches long. Gus has a very good chance at being the next Sting. Congrats el Ticknor and Mrs. el Ticknor!

4 thoughts on “The Police at McAffee Coloseum – A dicotomy of sorts

  1. I was at the POLICE, CHICAGO WRIGLEY FIELD, July 6th. I think it was about thier 21st concert.(?)This tour has brought out the expected nay-saying from the critics: “they don’t look like there enjoying themselves”.. “Sting looks like he wants to be somewhere else”.. “Andy’s old and doesn’t move”… “Stewart and Sting’s egos still too big, they fight” blah blah blah. The show was excellent. They sounded tight, Stings voice was like it always is, very strong, with pleanty of range (no need to rearrange the songs). Why would his voice be off anyway? Like the other two he’s been a practicing, money earning, performing musicians before, and after Police stopped recording/touring. They came on at 8:15, played their 20 greatest, said goodnight and exited at 10:15. No fuss, no muss, no bullshit. No breaks, just back-to-back hits, that sounded really good. They performed like you would expect from 50/60 year old professional, very gifted musicians: show up on time, do what you said you would do, and get to bed early. Simple. Good show for sure.

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