Drummers: Greg Saunier is not afraid of you and he will beat your ass

All you drummers who think it’s all about having a multi-thousand dollar kit with twelve toms, two kicks and snares, 18 different cymbals and a dozen mics, take a look at this and shut up:

6 thoughts on “Drummers: Greg Saunier is not afraid of you and he will beat your ass

  1. I dunno what it is but it’s huge and it looks like it’s broken, too. Rad! That kind of stuff gives character to drum tracks. Like some of those old soul/protofunk records, where you can actually hear the sqeaking of a kick drum beater badly in need of grease every time the guy brings his foot up and down. But the most important thing is the player.

  2. Who really gives a shit about who’s a better drummer? The song is what’s important. All this focus on technical bullshit is just silly. Silly, I say.

  3. …and that’s why this guy rocks. He serves the song. He is totally locked into where the song is going and is constantly making subtle changes to match/play off of the journey the song is taking. That’s why he sounds so huge with such a small kit. He’s doing exactly what’s needed for the song, filling all the holes where they need filling, and leaving space where space needs to be–in the grand tradition of a soul or funk drummer, but in a contemporary math/prog/experimental rock vein.

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