Does Technical Proficiency = Lack of Soul? Ever hear of Michael Hedges?

An interesting underlying debate here at Top 40 Music Sucks… Here is Michael Hedges (RIP) playing Rickover’s Dream at a 8/1/87 performance at the Maheavy Theater in Great Barrington, MA. Tuning: C2G2D3G3B3C4

A perfect marriage of technical proficiency and Soul IMO…

3 thoughts on “Does Technical Proficiency = Lack of Soul? Ever hear of Michael Hedges?

  1. This guy’s awesome. I never said that you are souless if you are highly proficient. I just said that technical proficency does not substitute for soul. I would much rather listen to a guy who can barely play his instrument but who has heart and is honestly trying to communicate something than a guy who can play every lick in the book but is completely masterbatory. But give me a guy who has the chops AND a soul and I will sing his praises all day long. John Fahey? Love him. Michael Hedges? Forgot how much I liked him. Thanks for reminding me. Hendrix? Yeah, buddy! Ry Cooder? Sign me up. Technical proficiency is great, but it’s very low on the priority list for me–pretty much the bottom, unless it’s a traditionally created pop song, where the feeling went into the original writing of the music and lyrics, and the session musicians are just giving themselves over to the vision of the songwriter and the producer (and perhaps the vocalist, too). Even then, they have to have a certain depth of feeling to execute that vision properly. All I’m saying is that these two things really do not have any bearing on each other, unless you are the type who gets a real thrill from technical skill alone. I generally don’t, unless it’s something I honestly have never seen done before, and even then, the thrill wears off after the first few times.

  2. I just find it incredibly hard to believe that you think RUSH is purely masturbatory with no heart…it’s you’re own opinion but I still think you’re a silly, silly man…I fucking CRINGE at someone who hasn’t spent the time to learn their instrument, flails, is off key, even though they close their eyes and belt it out “with heart”…it’s maddening and makes me want to vomit and think…”Why should anyone spend years perfecting an instrument when anybody could just pick up an instrument, bang on it, scream and yell out loud and people think it cool because the person playing it doing with feeling”? I’d rather watch someone play Beethoven note for note with a lack of heart than some fool sit and bastardize the song but look like he/she is having a good time and playing from the soul…I’d actually rather watch womens bowling on television – THE WHOLE TOURNAMENT.I agree that a combination of technical proficiency AND heart makes the perfect musical marriage, but IMO learn how to play first…

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