Easin back in after a hiatus…

Howdy TFS… it’s been a while. I just want to get a few questions and comments up.

First, why no Vegas/Rush recap from Mansheet?
Pax gets a pass as he’s out of the country.
Is Binns even on here?

Second, “best band in 25 years” Taco Leg, was able to open up for these face melting cats last night…

The El Paso Heist

They will run the world shortly i do believe. Their mp3 tracks don’t do justice to the amount of searing rock they threw down.

Thanks for having,

6 thoughts on “Easin back in after a hiatus…

  1. Topple, are you going to the Yo la Tengo Show the day after ACL Festival at the Parish? I’m thinking about driving up. They are doing a special low-key, interactive “Freewheeling YLT” show there.

  2. that pronto esquillianto shit effin rawks!! reminds me of a heavy version of this band “Loose Fragments” that used to kick ass in Gainesville back in the day.

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