It’s gonna be a train wreck…

But I guess that’s obvious.

Sat 12.22 Oakland, CA Oracle Arena ON SALE 9/23 @10 AM

Tue 11.13 New York, NY Madison Square Garden ON SALE 9/24 @10 AM

3 thoughts on “It’s gonna be a train wreck…

  1. Umm when you are a 53 year old hard lifer and can even climb up the damn stairs you will be qualified to mock Dave … NOT A DAY SOONER MY FRIEND!!!Eddie sounded ok.. there were a pile of flubs in that vid but hey it’s vibe we all want.. loud rock music by loud rockers.. i will be drunk so I don’t think I’ll notice the mistakes when I see them TWICE!!! FLOOR SEATS AT STAPLES 11/20 AND INSIDE THE FIRST 20 ROWS IN ANAHEIM 12/20 …VAN FUCKING HALENelli!!!

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