Led Zeppelin Concert News, Videos, Pics, and Links

So I was in O.C./L.A. the past couple of days for biz and had a LOT of time to listen to the radio (O.C. to L.A. is not a short or fun drive) and according to KLOS there wasn’t one critic who anything bad to say about the Led Zeppelin reunion show at the O2 arena in London…even the UK critics were astounded by the first Led Zeppelin show since 1980 and we all know how critical UK critics are – uh, yeah. Anyway, I figured I’d throw some news, videos, pics, and links for ya.


1969 — Led Zeppelin
1969 — Led Zeppelin II
1970 — Led Zeppelin III
1971 — Led Zeppelin IV
1973 — Houses of the Holy
1975 — Physical Graffiti
1976 — Presence
1979 — In Through the Out Door

Zeppelin Encore – O2 Arena – Whole ‘Lotta Love

Led Zeppelin – O2 Arena – Kashmir

Led Zeppelin – O2 Arena – Good Times, Bad Times

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