The 50th annual Grammy awards you didn’t see on TV

Most people (including me) have never really known all the Grammy categories and award winners past what we are shown on television. Did you know there is a category for best album notes? Or even best packaging? How about all those great album cover artists who never get airtime recognition. God forbid that I would ever suggest making the Grammy’s actually longer, but how about a second (or even third) show showcasing everyone who won? Granted I could see this show only being aired on some 2nd or 3rd tier network, but at least there is some love for people who work just as hard as those who are in the limelight. Here you go – A link to everything that happened last night and a list of all categories:

(full) 50th Annual Grammy nomination and winners list

General Field
Field 1 — Pop
Field 2 — Dance
Field 3 — Traditional Pop
Field 4 — Rock
Field 5 — Alternative
Field 6 — R&B
Field 7 — Rap
Field 8 — Country
Field 9 — New Age
Field 10 — Jazz
Field 11 — Gospel
Field 12 — Latin
Field 13 — Blues
Field 14 — Folk
Field 15 — Reggae
Field 16 — World Music
Field 17 — Polka
Field 18 — Children’s
Field 19 — Spoken Word
Field 20 — Comedy
Field 21 — Musical Show
Field 22 — Film/TV/Visual Media
Field 23 — Composing/Arranging
Field 24 — Package
Field 25 — Album Notes
Field 26 — Historical
Field 27 — Production, Non-Classical
Field 28 — Surround Sound
Field 29 — Production, Classical
Field 30 — Classical
Field 31 — Music Video

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