Definition of Alternative Rock by Buzz Cuts – Sad Sad Sad…

So I’m watching TV and this commercial airs claiming “The 30 biggest and best alternative rock hits of all time on 2 awesome CDs”. Pretty bold statement if you ask me. This list of songs sucks 98% major ass and is truly a poor representation of what “Alternative Rock” was meant to be when first coined…and what’s worse is that this is what the mass population consider good alternative rock and they’ll probably sell the shit of these CD’s. Ya gotta check out the song list and commercial below…the world is coming to an end…

CHALLENGE: Name 5 quality songs in this list…

Kryptonite | Three Doors Down
Fat Lip | Sum 41
I Miss You | Blink 182
Blurry | Puddle Of Mud
I’d Do Anything | Simple Plan
Celebrity Skin | Hole
Sour Girl | Stone Temple Pilots
Last Resort | Papa Roach
Running Away | Hoobastank
Hangingaround | Counting Crows
Lakini’s Juice | Live
Hanging By A Moment | Lifehouse
The Way | Fastball
What It Is To Burn | Finch
The Chemicals Between Us | Bush
Smooth Criminal | Alient Ant Farm
Higher | Creed
Meant To Live | Switch
Butterfly | Crazytown
Hemorrhage (In My Hands) | Fuel
My Own Worst Enemy | Lit
I Will Buy You A New Life | Everclear
Amber | 311
Somewhere Out There | Our Lady Peace
Bodies | Drowning Pool
I Hate Everything About You | Three Days Grace
Inside Out | Eve 6
Send The Pain Below | Chevelle
Wherever You Will Go | The Calling
Fly | Sugar Ray f/Supercat

Check out the Buzz Cuts TV commercial

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