25 thoughts on “Metal Music Fans!

  1. blog this.. eddie makes music for pornos now…porcupine tree has one good song and the rest sounds like Bread or America. I hate pop music but i hate blogging more. The only good place for a Fender Tele is jammed through the roof.

  2. Do hair bands fall under Metal? Or are they the top40 anti-metal? I was listening nostalgicly to def leaperd recently, who are usually lumped in with Hair bands. But that distincion is not accurate. There vocal sound was unique at the time, which spawned hair band copy cats. Def Leopard, up to the time when the drummer lost him arm, rocked!!!

  3. ecsta…eddie as in Maiden! Of ALL people I thought you woulda picked this up. I agree with your comment “I spit on Eddie V.H. now”…he’d be lucky to get some riffs on a porno now. If he did he might get some respect back. As far as Porcupine Tree…you don’t know shit. Oh, you owe me $20 for the drywall and spackle to fix my roof.

  4. Anonymous!!!??? C’mon DC get your name out there 🙂 I would say that most hair bands fall into the category of PUKE…not ALL hair bands however. I agree with the Def Leppard comment but I gotta give the ‘ol cleavand steamer to bands like Poison, Firehouse, and Slaughter because their guitar players suck. HOWEVER, when you talk about Dokken, Ratt, Queesnryche, etc. I would have to say they were great Metal bands (with lots of hair)…now Winger makes me want to puke and admire at the same time. Reb Beech was indeed a great guitar player…but man, Kip Winger is brutal

  5. and yet I seem to recall a certain highschool student with a trapper keeper that had Winger’s face on the cover and TLA written across his lips.Mike, you love winger and you know this.

  6. HAHAHAHA that’s pretty funny yltwatcher. I mean look at Rob Halford from Judas Priest! Although Priest is great even though he is gay. Go get Defenders of the Faith…maybe it’ll help get rid of your Homophobia.

  7. I don’t care how gay or straight the guys making this stuff are–it’s crap. And if the listeners are straight, then they are overcompensating for some kind of shortcoming. They are all like, “Look at me! I am a man!” I listen to music by guys wearing codpieces! And my package is too big to put in a codpiece! Yeah!” And another thing. I’m sick of all these “indie” labels breaking new metal bands. Putting out a metal record on Matador does not make it any cooler.Why don’t you loosers listen to real music, like MC Pooh, Van McCoy and His Magnificant Movie Machine, and that Greek guy from Full House? Now that’s music.

  8. OH BOY…do we have ta step outside!? Just because you have an aversion to music that has power, technical ability, and…well frankly balls doesn’t mean people who listen to or make this music are compensating for a lack of masculinity. What about all the sweet, hot, and slutty metal chicks out there that love metal and bang all the lucky dudes out there who make and listen to metal? I think you are having a tough time distinguishing between hair metal (http://www.allmusic.com/cg/amg.dll?p=amg&sql=77:7728) as described earlier and real metal such as Maiden, DIO, Pantera, Ozzy, Anthrax, Helmet, Faith No More, Living Colour, Rage Against Machine, Tool, Fear Factory, Megadeath, Kings X, Dream Theaer, Queensryche, Voivod, and many, many, others…anyone got any others that I missed? BTW, I agree w/ you on B2S..but it’s time for you to get some metal in your music collection.

  9. I stand corrected. There is some real talent and value (and influence) to several of the bands you name. I like music with power and balls. The problem I see is that many people cannot seem to differentiate between the two genres you name. I was just trying to start some healthy discussion with an admittedly inflamatory remark. Or maybe I meant what I said and I’m just saying this because I know you can beat me up. You decide.

  10. Inflamatory remarks are healthy and good for the spirit (and can lead to healthy discussions). AgreedThere is lots of Metal shite out there indeed. Hopefully there will be some introductions to some good new Metal in this forum.A band I’ve been checking out lately is Avenged Sevenfold. Their guitar playing and drumming is solid. Worth a few listens.

  11. You know, that is so funny. I cannot comment on their music, but I just got Guitar Center’s 42nd anniversary sale mailer the other day and Avenged Sevenfold was on the cover. I was thinking about posting a comment with link to a jpg of the cover to show how ridiculous and trite they look. I’ll give them a listen, though. Pretty good deals right now at GC. The Sterling Audio mics on sale are actually GC-exclusive Groove Tubes mics. I have the GT-55 (now called the ST-55) and love it. There are lots of reviews out there of the mics. Just google “groove tubes” then the model of the SA mic you are interested in, replacing the “S” with a “G”. Their “disk resonator” technology sounds like a marketing gimmick, but it really does give you smooth, extended highs. $199 is a steal, and knowing GC, if you stood there long enough, you could likely get them to throw in a shock mount and/or pop screen for free. Sorry to get off the subject, but had to share.

  12. haha..is this the pic of A7F you were talking about? Pretty funny…That’s good to know about the mics. $199 for a GT mic is really good. What I’d really like is a good condensor mic for recording acoustics. Any ideas? I’ve been looking at these which seems like a great deal.

  13. mahsheet and yltwatcher need to get a room. Or at the very least go out for an afternoon of bowling.And why didn’t I come up with a clever username to disguise my identity?In some way, shape, or form , I believe that the reason lies in the existence of Metal.

  14. I have not used MXL mics myself, but have heard mixed reviews of them. value condensers tend to fall into two categories: “color” mics that sound good with one or two instruments/situations, and general mics that sound kinda OK with everything, but not great with anything either. The impression I get is that MXL mics often fall into the latter category, having a overhyped, spitty high end and not very flat response in the low mids. But they are cheap, and a lot of people seem to like what they are getting on acoustics with the 993, which is what you are looking for. At that price, if they only sound good on one or two things, they are worth it for those things, and for “character” mics to help a particular track stand out in the mix, and at that price you don’t have to worry about breaking them if you do some strange sonic experiments with them. Some people prefer the results when pairing one 993 with a Large Diaphragm Condenser of some kind, while others use the stereo pair. I can understand wanting a pair, as they could be useful for stereo recording. For just a little more, you have some other good options, though. Right now, Guitar Center has a MXL 990/991 studio package for 99 bucks, which has one LDC and one SDC, and the SDC looks exactly like the 993 (not sure if it is the same). Right now, they are throwing in a free M-Audio Audio Buddy stereo mic pre/DI. So, for $200 bucks you couuld buy 2 packs and have 4 mics and 4 pre channels. Audio Technica makes a simlar big/small package for around the same price, and AT mics are more highly-regarded. The AT2041 package includes the AT2020, which has gotten very good reviews. It is a slightly weak on the low end, but otherwise has a very flat response, so would be a good all-around mic for vocals, instruments, etc. Again, you could get two packs and have a lot of fun. They would have smoother, less spitty highs and no boomy bumps in the low mids like I have heard some MXLs have, and AT mics are known for having very good build quality and consistency. Some pencil-type condensers that are in the same range as the 993 worth looking at are the Oktava MC012s which lots of people like. GC used to have really good deals on pairs of these, and you can also find a version that has interchangeable capsules, so you can swap the cardioid for omni. Also, take a look at Sterling Audio’s ST-31. It is on sale at GC for $99 right now and appears to be the same as a Groove Tubes GT-33, except it has no pad, no highpass filter and is listed as having “FET preamp” instead of “Class A FET preamp”. Never heard it, but I’m guessing it may not have quite as warm and smooth a sound as the GT33 but will come damn close, and will have good build quality. For just a bit more than you were planning to spend, you could get a pair of them. I would say listen to the different mics in the same setting if you can and see what you like best. From my experience with GC, you can often get them to throw in free windscreens or shockmounts or stands or cables if you haggle. Oh, and that was not the photo I saw of A7F. They look just fine in yours.

  15. ylwatcher…thanks a lot for the sweet low down. I got rid of the misc. posts on the front page and I’m going to add a section to talk music gear. I’m gonna go to GC and see what kind of deals I can get. My Dad’s 70th B-day is coming up and he wants me to record a version of George Bensons Breezin’…that should be interesting. Chadd…wanna help?

  16. Synchronicity! I have been listening to Breezin’ at least 3 times per week lately…which brings me to a suggestion for another section. You need to have a section for smooth rock, or “Yacht Rock” as the kids call it. I would suggest the latter, as “yacht rock” is a very hot search topic right now, due to the popularity of a series on the web of the same name (found at channel101.com). Rhino even has a digital store devoted to the genre now. I have watched episodes 1 and 2 of Yacht Rock and they are damn funny. Tell your dad if he wants you to record a song for his birthday, he needs to crack open his wallet and buy you some mics. Just kidding.

  17. George Benson breezin’…Hell yeah.I’ll just stand in the corner of the room wearing only whitie tighties and a ten gallon cowboy hat.You may think that that does not really help you record the song, but believe me, if you’re recording while some dude is standing in the corner of your room wearing only whitie tights and a ten gallon cowboy hat…well, there would certainly be some sonic magic, my friend. Sonic Magic.Let’s do it.I gues we should get the chord progression or something and maybe start learning the song?

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