6 thoughts on “Rock Music Fans!

  1. This is a comment about Steely Dan and there isn’t really a category for good music in this forum so I’ll put it under rock. Just kidding about the good music.anyway, what the hell happened to steely dan?They’re pissed that You, Me, and Dupree, the new shitty Owen Wilson movie used the name Dupree which they had in the title of one of their later songs, Cousin Dupree.They’re really pissed about it and even wrote Wes Anderson a letter lecturing him on art and film. they even ask him to make Owen understand just exactly what he did by starring as Dupree in the film.So now, Steely Dan are officially old, crotchety men who for some unknown reason give a shit about a shitty movie.Maybe they want the money they think is owed them.Donald Fagen’s new album MOrph the Cat is really good, though.I know this doesn’t belong in rock but again, Mike doesn’t have a category for good music.Fag.

  2. MIKE!!!!LISTEN TO YLTWATCHER AND ADD ANOTHER TOPIC FOR YOU KNOW ALL THE OTHER MUSIC THAT YOU DON’T LIKE.You should call it “Breezin – the lighter side of music” or something like that.And when are we going to hang?Let’s go to a bar or something.Or I’ll come over with the beer.Thursday night? This Thursday night sound okay?Let’s go to Monkeyballs Thursday night. Email me, bitch!Oh, I can’t wait to hear the bass on that shitty new song of mine.I think I hate that song now.But the guitar structuring I like. I’m finally able to say, now there’s a song that Mike might write.

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