Prog Rock Fans!

Post about your favorite Progressive Rock Bands here…ya’know the kick as bands like RUSH, Porcupine Tree, YES, and Genesis. By the way, there is such as thing as shitty prog rock…so bring it.

12 thoughts on “Prog Rock Fans!

  1. I think Genesis, through Wind and Wuthering was the best prog rock band. No other compares: music & theater. They were the standard, primarily during Peter Gabriels period with the band.

  2. I think Genesis, through Wind and Wuthering was the best prog rock band. No other compares: music & theater. They were the standard, primarily during Peter Gabriels period with the band.

  3. Genesis is the best prog rock band of all time. Atmospheric, imaginative, lyrical, expansive, music & theater: the standard for Progressive Rock. Of course this is only during Garbriel and Hackets membership in the band.

  4. Lamb Lies Down on BroadwaySelling England by the PoundAre some of the best albums ever made!Gabriel’s Genesis is when Genesis was making art.Phil Collin’s Genesis is when they were making money.But stilll, there’s a soft spot for Phil Collin’s as front man, but only up until they reached The Land of Confusion. Both literally and figuratively.

  5. Genesis is a great band indeed. Selling England by the Pound and The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway are great albums, but I also love Genesis: Genesis and Abacab. Very cool, well produced albums and Phil Collins gated drums were great. Too bad he’s resigned himself to die being heard as an elevator music king…much like Sting (or Stink as I like to call him)

  6. Genesis stopped being prog rock with the changeover. Genesis and Abacab are fun records, but not proggy. Genesis has That’s All and Taking It All Too Hard for Christ’s sake. I do like gated drums though.And Rush, while they are good, is not the best band of all time.

  7. YES.COM (not what you think). Hey, everybody. Just discovered this site that has such a beautiful and simple concept. It shows a map of the U.S. and, in real time, displays the song being played on every major radio station. It is mesmerizing to just sit and watch each song pop up–makes you feel like an air traffic controller for music. You can search for individual stations and see a real-time playlist, top 10, etc. And it actually has college and independent stations, too. Go there now:www.yes.com

  8. Yes.Com is a really cool site. Thanks for posting the link. Gonna look for some independent stations to find some new music to listen to and hopefully post here.Oh, CNT (aka el Ticknor) Yes….yes they are

  9. Can anyone tell me why progressive rock so often has science fiction or fantasy themes? Aside from the lyrics, even the music sometimes sounds like either the soundtrack to a 70’s movie about castles and knights or an 80’s space-themed roller coaster ride. What gives? This is one of the chief reasons I have a hard time getting into a lot of prog rock, and why I occasionally even have a hard time listening to otherwise stellar albums by Flaming Lips and the like. Help a brother out. Am I being silly for thinking this preoccupation seems a little childish?

  10. Anybody every listened to M83? If you like prog rock, particularly the kind heavy on electronic soundscapes (Tangerine Dream, some Pink Floyd, Vangellis) but you also like My Bloody Valentine, Air and Krautrock, then do yourself a favor and check them out. Their Albums, “Dead Cities, Red Seas and Lost Ghosts” and, “Before the Dawn Heals Us” are very different but both good. “Before the Dawn Heals Us” is the one that grabs you more easily of the two, and the one I would tell most people to get first. Still have not decided whether to actually spend my own money on either, or just stick with listening to them on Rhapsody.

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