Welcome Home real music fans!

Don’t let some jerk off in a suit drill Top 40 crap music into your head! Do you like your music to actually be written AND played by the band or artist? Do you think Top 40 music sucks ass and DJ’s have no talent? Welcome home.

6 thoughts on “Welcome Home real music fans!

  1. Know why nobody is putting a comment here? Because they are scared off by the topic! What is “real” music? Is it only music made with instruments invented at least 50 years ago? Is music made by Nelson more “real” than music made by Aphex Twin because Aphex Twin uses synths and sequencers and Nelson use guitars and drums and hair to make their music? (Actually, I think Aphex Twin uses his hair, too) Was Ricky Nelson better than Nelson because he was alive in the 50s, or because he died in the 80s? Did his body really burn to ashes because he had so much coke in it, or is that an urban legend? Is the Golden Girls theme really the same thing as “kung Fu Fighting”? Is Wendy Carlos not included in the world of “Real” music because she used Moog synths, or is it because she used to be a dude? And do analog synths now “rock” because they have been around almost as long as electric organs, or because “Who Are You” would totally suck Michael Bolton’s man balls without them? Is any rock band who does a Christmas album “real”? Does the recording have to have been recorded to two track stereo with two mics and no compression to be “real” or is that too purist? Is “real” a 90’s marketing term, did it exist as a concept before then, and does it have any meaning now? Or are we talking about when people say, “now that’s real music”, as in, “that’s good music.” Chadd, I think you may have found your topic.

  2. Actually, I was thinking more along the lines of “real music fans” not so much “real music” fans. But ok, I’ll go along. “Real Music” in my opinion is music written by people who would consider themselves artists devoted to music for the sole purpose of enjoyment and art. Unfortunately, our society makes it impossible to this and still be able to eat. So what ends up happening? Big greedy Record labels contriving bands like The New Kids on the Block and making deals with the radio stations to play the living crap out of them until people like the music and go buy millions of albums so the guy in a nice suit can make a lot of money…not necessarily the artist (unless they have a good lawyer). This is contrived music. Not real music. And unfortunately, the mass population eats it up…why? Because their stupid. There I said it. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. There, I said it 3 more times. And 85% of what is considered Top 40 these days are stupid songs for stupid people to make stupid record labels stupid amounts of money. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

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