Death Cab’s Chris Walla goes solo – Review of unrealesed cover of Clinic’s "Distortion" – (music reviews)

Chris Walla So it seems Chris Walla of Death Cab for Cutie has gotten “I wanna do my own thing for now” bug again that most musicians get after being with a band for some time. And who could blame him? He’s not only the backbone of Death Cab as as muscian but he’s an accomplished producer as well. With a new studio called Alberta Court in which to record, and the label known as Barsuk in which to back his tenatively titled album It’s Unsustainable, he’s well on his way to “doin’ his own thang” and most likely gonna do it well. The last step it seems, is to put together the rest of the band to back him up on stage.

Chris Walla has put up an mp3 cover of the band Clinic, “Distortion” and I have to say that I’m a little iffy on it right now. It’s pretty close to the original version but I was expecting a bit more on the production side from Chris as the song sounds a bit dry and the vocal harmonies a little on the home recording enthusiast side. But as always he gets a great acoustic guitar sound and the drums have a straight forward beat with a nice roomy snare that goes “PAH!” and an nice, semi cheesy, 80’s keyboard pad underneath it all. I’m definitely looking forward to hearing more and will keep you all updated as to when we get to hear some of Chris’s original material.

Check out Chris Walla on Death Cab for Cutie’s latest album Plans

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