Helmet – Monochrome; Page and Co.’s Last album? – (music reviews)

Well, what can I say? I think the last tune on Helmet’s latest release, Monochrome, says it all.


It can be hard to find your mark
Just light yourself on fire
I’ll sound the smoke alarm
Still life will pass you by
You’re gone without a trace
Might slow down just enough
To spit right in your face

So long
Now it’s time to say goodbye
So long
It might be time to say goodbye

That’s entertainment son
You know your death ain’t news
We love an accident
I’d love to know it’s you
I spent 3 dollars on
These non-slip garden gloves
So I can bury you
Without blistering

So Long
Now it’s time to say goodbye

They don’t miss you at all
They think you’re asshole


Page, you and your band recieved one of the largest signing bonuses in the metal industry way back to make Meantime. You killed it. You won. Don’t quit. Listen to Chris Traynor…make more albums. We’re out there waiting. Monochrome rips as well as every album you have ever done. Screw the big time. Screw the suits. Grab your guitar and jam with your boys. Make it loud and continue to bitch while doin’ it. Can’t wait to see you again at The Fillmore in S.F. HEAD LINING! You said it right when you opened for and told those Chevelle wusses to quit doin’ yoga, take a few shots, do some drugs, screw a bunch of chicks, and start acting like a rock and roll model for fucks sake!

Check out what could be last album! Monochrome

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