Sebadoh III – Fully Remastered ’91 Extended Album – (album reviews)

Sebadoh III

Sebadoh has released it’s 1991 album “Sebadoh III” on a 2 disk, extended, and remastered package. In my opinion it is one of their best albums and when Lou Barlow and Eric Gaffney went electric and also a bit wacky. But we all know wacky is good. Check out some free mp3’s of The Freed Pig and Gimmie Indie Rock

Check out the album: Sebadoh III

One thought on “Sebadoh III – Fully Remastered ’91 Extended Album – (album reviews)

  1. A classic album. They owe a lot to Big Star (and to pot) for their sound and approach. Then a few years later we get that Folk Implosion crap, which, like the band name, was kinda stupid and unoriginal. Calvin Johnston’s (Beat Happening) side project, Dub Narcotic Sound System, was a much more successful and original foray into the merging of the indie aesthetic with dance beats.

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