+/- {Plus Minus} – Great Music. Great Band. New Label. – (music reviews)

+/- Plus Minus+/- Plus Minus

james baluyut = vox guitar keyboard
chris deaner = drums sampler
patrick ramos = vox guitar keyboard

Great news! +/- has signed from Teenbeat Records over to Absolutely Kosher and plan to release their third record, Let’s Build a Fire
on October 24.

The band features ex-Versus members James Baluyut and Patrick Ramos who latter added accomplished drummer Chris Deaner. +/- mixes mood, texture, knowledge of electronics, and musicianship, to create their own excellence in song craft. At times dark and dreamy only to be abruptly awakened to disjointed odd rhythms and crushing chords which immediately make you think “HOLY SHIT, THIS BAND IS GOOD.”

I saw them 2 years ago at SXSW and was immediately turned on to their live show as well as their music. A few months ago I saw them again at Bottom of the Hill in San Francisco and they were even better. The coolest part was buying Patrick Ramos a single malt scotch and shooting the shit about how Chris Deaner is a great drummer as well as videographer. You see Chris Deaner does all of their videos which have an experimental and artsy quality to them while still serving the music of +/-. Check out some of the videos on You Tube.

Also, listen to +/-‘s free Mp3’s HERE.

In short: Great music. Great Band. Check out the new album: Plus/Minus

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