David "FUZE" Fiuczynski – Everyone needs to know about this Guitar Virtuoso! – (music reviews)

We’ve heard it all before…”Man, you have to hear this guy on guitar…he rips!” or (in deep southern drunken drawl accent) “Eddie Van Halen is the best guitar player EVER!” BLAH BLAH BLAH…

But seriously folks, I have not run across many guitar players that have the musical depth and ability that “The Fuze” has. Have you ever heard someone do Oriental Reggae? Well then you have to get KIF. Any of you who are already fans know who I’m talking about. David Fiusczynski has played with many great musicians such as John Medeski, Rufus Cappadocia, Gene Lake, Fima Ephron, Jojo Mayer, just to name a few.

This sentance from The Fuze’s website says it all:

“Fuze’s recordings are an experimental mix of tradition with modern sounds and rhythms, a melange of funk-rock jazz, ambient textural improvisations, world-music elements, metal, reggae, house, dub, drum&bass and other new grooves topped with Fuze’s unique writing, extraordinary soundscapes and passionate soloing.”

Not much on YouTube w/ David Fiuczynski but here is a serious look at some great musicians, a great song, and a great solo by The Fuze. ENJOY!

Check out Kif

This is a great album w/ John Medeski Lunar Crush

11 thoughts on “David "FUZE" Fiuczynski – Everyone needs to know about this Guitar Virtuoso! – (music reviews)

  1. I’m with Chadd. That mess certainly doesn’t feature the Fuze on guitar, even if that’s him playing int he background. One is left wondering how hard he wanks when the spotlight shines on him.

  2. Agreed.. Chadd speeks truth .. the Fuze is still just a crappy Canadian Music television channel to me. If you’re going to spooge over some guitar god on the front of your site it should have a giant picture of me holding an actual guitar. Not some guitar guy you “say” is good without anything to back it up. I also hate it when the Wu-Tang Clan starts scatting.. they should stick to their “normal” genre of c-rap.

  3. Paxtejana: That video is great. I’ve watched it about 20 times. I can’t believe you don’t like that stuff. You gotta hear some of his solo albums….he was also part of Screeming Headless Torsos but I haven’t heard any of that stuff. The album he did with John Medeski is bad ass.

  4. I can’t see the music for the notes, oh wait a minute, I see it now it some dum ass scat singing chick corea I sing the fucking body electric masturbating bullshit. How does it feel to know that you are not one of the beautiful ones? Beware of the Darkness.

  5. I did not bother to look at this video. Any time you show me a pic of some guy with a dual neck guitar, that’s an instant guarantee I am not going to be the least bit interested. I don’t care if Led Zep used them. I don’t care if John Medeski had a momentary lapse and allowed this guy to share space with himself. Dual neck guitars are stupid. Come on. It’s not enough that the guy has one phallic symbol strapped on–He’s gotta have two strap-ons to wank on? I suppose he drives a Harley, too. With a sidecar for his penises. And a sidecar to his sidecar to hold an autographed pair of Vernon Reid’s balls.

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