Tom Petty Live at The Greek Theatre, Berkeley, Ca. – Frank Black Opens – (concert reviews)

I’d like to get something out of the way so I can spend time on the positive, because what I’m about to say ain’t good…and I’m talkin’ to you there, Frankie. You were bad. There it is. You were just plain un-inspired and…Bad. What’s the deal? Bad day? Bad mood? Bad drugs? You know what’s bad??? The musicians you picked to back you up…except your drummer. He missed a few endings, but was visibily into it and rockin’ out. While on the other hand you are opening up for TOM PETTY and The HEARTBREAKERS and you didn’t seem to be into it in the least! And neither did your guitar and bass player judging by their pitchy vocal harmonies and loose playing. I partly came to see you there Frankie and you let me down. But one bad show does not a bad musician make…I still love ya’. OH! You gotta make another Teenager of the Year. The 3 chord live to 2 track type stuff is getting moldy.

OK! On to the good stuff!

Boy oh boy did I receive a musical treat. I’ve always been a fan of Tom Petty, but not die hard by any means. Ya know, you like the tunes you hear but rarely buy an album. I figured I needed to see him once before he retires. Much like when I saw Aerosmith and The Rolling Stones.

But man, what a great show! Every song was great and The Heartbreakers are so friggin’ solid they had The Greek in an absolute uproar for over 2 hours. It was like every song was a musical encore. AN THEN WHAT HAPPENS!!!? Stevie Nicks joins Petty and the Heartbreakers on stage for “Stop Draggin’ my Heart Around”! It was an amazing moment to say the least. The crowd, as well as I, went nuts! She was perfect…great voice, sexy, and dressed like an angel.

So to say the least, if you’ve never seen Tom Petty before, now’s the time. He only performs a few songs from the new album (which is a good thing), puts on a great show, and pulls out great guest acts.

I’m not gonna ruin the sweet duet of Petty and Nicks Live so here is the original music video for Stop Draggin’ my Heart Around. This is a great video…old school rock!

New Tom Petty: Highway Companion

The BEST Frank Black album ever! Teenager of the Year

4 thoughts on “Tom Petty Live at The Greek Theatre, Berkeley, Ca. – Frank Black Opens – (concert reviews)

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more about Frankie, teenager of the year is a freaking masterpiece (I actually prefer it to any pixies album) but his albums suck now (they always sound like he spend about $20 to make them). I was not at the show but I saw him several years ago at Bimbos with tickly and it was a real drag because i was expecting a high energy subba-culture la muneca experience. Here this Frank Black though I don’t suppose we will meet, ask your good friend Black Francis to gaze awhile down the old street. Now this old talk about Ringo needs to stop. All historical figures must be judged in their proper historical context. Having said that name 10 pop-rock drummers from his era (1960’s) that are better than him. And don’t bring up that mitch mithchell faggot that ruined jimi with that bullshit sloppy trippy white boy style. Ok, I want ten, start naming them

  2. no particular order, hard to say who’s better than who since most drummers back then were about servicing the songs rather than their egos.1) Maureen Tucker – Velevet Underground, got to give her some props, although you probably won’t.2) Keith Moon – The Who, of course3) Charlie Watts – The Rolling Stones4) Ron Wilson – The Surfari’s “Wipe-Out”, one of the most iconic drumming to emerge from the pop music world, it’s practically integrated into our DNA, don’t know much about his other songs but I think that song alone merits a mention5) John Densmore – The Doors, not a big fan of the doors but he is the rhythmic engine of the band and perhaps he may even be the reason why you can appreciate the band even though you may not want to. Atmospheric.6) Mick Avory – The Kinks, because he was in the Kinks and that should be enough.7) Dennis Wilson – Beach BoysThat’s all I can come up with. Too fucking hard. Fuck you Ernesto. Fuck you.

  3. anachronistic error, animal from the muppets did not appear until the mid 1970’s, John Bohnam (one of the most important drummers period) can hardly be considered part of the ringo era, led zep would of had to make a record pre-1968 and by the way cream and that Ginger baker shit just plain suck wolf penis

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