The Mars Volta – Amputechture – Music or Mayhem? (album reviews)

I don’t think I could ever say it better myself: THE TRUTH ABOUT THE MARS VOLTA’S NEWEST MUSIC RELEASE – AMPUTECHTURE

If you didn’t really feel like clicking another link (I know, I’m lazy as hell too) then here is a quick synopsis of Amputechture.

10% Music
90% Mayhem
TOTAL 100% Disappointment

Being a Prog Rock fan I really do respect The Mars Volta…and at one time, even loved everything they did and stood for. I mean it’s really hard to walk the fine line of producing quality, on the edge music with out making people scratch their heads and say, huh!?.

I mean, a couple of drinks more and Mingus could have lost us all…which is what the latest music release from The Mars Volta did for me. They lost me. I mean I’m CONFUSED…When I listen to this album I actually feel like I’m in a maze running in the direction I think is the end only to find a very large wall of bushes with no where to go.

Just when I get some very intriguing, high energy explosion (that The Mars Volta does SO well)…I get pummeled by a 12 foot rouge wave and end up back in the washing machine not knowing which way is up only to eventually feel like I’ve passed on to very light elevator’esq music.


Here’s a good live video showing their explosiveness (from a few years ago). Is that the dude from American Idol on keys!!!?

The new album: Amputechture

A better Mars Volta album: Frances the Mute

The BEST Mars Volta album: De-Loused in the Comatorium

6 thoughts on “The Mars Volta – Amputechture – Music or Mayhem? (album reviews)

  1. OK, I keep adding comments to old but more general (and therefore useful) posts and they are buried so far down that nobody is reading them. So this is the most appropriate upper-level post to which I can add this comment (already made in the Prog Rock Post):Anybody every listened to M83? If you like prog rock, particularly the kind heavy on electronic soundscapes (Tangerine Dream, some Pink Floyd, Vangellis) but you also like My Bloody Valentine, Air and Krautrock, then do yourself a favor and check this French duo (now basically just one guy on the most recent album) out. Their Albums, “Dead Cities, Red Seas and Lost Ghosts” and, “Before the Dawn Heals Us” are very different but both good. “Before the Dawn Heals Us” is the one that grabs you more easily of the two, and the one I would tell most people to get first. Still have not decided whether to actually spend my own money on either, or just stick with listening to them on Rhapsody.

  2. I’ll check it out. What you need to do is creat your own post about M*#, include some links and stuff….you have admin access…you will see Chris just posted about VH and Beck. If you want…you can just email ne your thoughts and I’ll create a post for you.

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