RE EVH: So I guess you haven’t seen…

For more info about Eddie’s foray into porn click here.

He also had a porn party (click the photo for info):

Another Book on Eddie when he was…well…good: Eddie Van Halen: Know the Man, Play the Music (Fretmaster)

6 thoughts on “RE EVH: So I guess you haven’t seen…

  1. Well I stand corected! EVH is back…albeit doing PORN music now (I’m not sure how I feel about that exactly) but the clips I heard sure do sound like good porn music! And also it seems the cancer scare didn’t keep him from smoking while playing. Check out this link: Eddie Still Smokin’!”

  2. I did post it, but I made no claim that this was the return of EVH. I agree about the terribleness. Also, porn? He did an interview on Howard Stern and he’s completely lost his mind…Listen to the interviewClick on the link, then go down the page click on FREE then wait 65 seconds, then you should be able to download the file.

  3. haha!…I said it was good PORN music, not good music by any means! EVH is dead…I’ll admit it. As much as I want him to regain brain cells lost from partying w/ Diamond Dave and reinvent himself as the Eddie we all know and love..it’s never going to happen I guess. EVH is now EVP…not Electro-Voice Phenomenon but Eddie Van Porn.

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