What happened to Eddie Van Halen?

Remember Eddie when he ripped???

I think we’ve all seen the 5150 solo, but here is a look at Eddie
still in his prime, but with SHORT hair! This is when he switched from the home made built red, white, and black Kramer that we’ve all come to know and love to the Peavey Wolfgang Eddie Van Halen model guitar. Peavey!? Anyway, let’s just forget about Van Halen III and Gary Cherone and remember the good ‘ol days when Eddie’s rippin’ guitar lines, finger tappin’, and his “MAN, isn’t this the coolest thing you’ve ever heard?” SMILE!

I think Eddie could make a come back if a few things happened.

1.) Lose the chorus on the guitar and any Peavy related equipment.Man his super processed sound is like a razor cutting into my brain.

2.) Let’s see him pick up a Les Paul Custom and put it through his MXR Phase 90 pedal and back into his modded Marshal heads he used to use. Leave the Kramer in the case at The Hard Rock Cafe. Time for a new guitar…I’ve never seen him play a Les Paul (except that tiny guitar on “Little Guitars”)

3.) Screw getting a singer. Leave Diamond Dave to his weirdness.

4.) Go instrumental songs only…not like Eric Johnson or Steve Via where the guitar is singing, but create stuff like “Cathedral”, Intro to Little Guitars”, and of course “Eruption”.

5.) Get back with Valerie Burtenellie…or a really young hottie that looks like her to get him pepped up (I LOVED Valerie Burtenelli in the old days!)

Then, and only then will I be able to look past Van Halen III…

2 of the BEST VH albums ever made (IMO): Women and Children First and Fair Warning

4 thoughts on “What happened to Eddie Van Halen?

  1. He needs to shoot himself and then also practice, no not practice, just play the guitar again because when Tickler and I saw him in concert a couple of years ago he wasn’t playing guitar, I don’t know what the hell it was that he was doing up there but it wasn’t playing guitar. Sammy was playing guitar more than Eddie and Sammy didn’t even have a guitar.Another wierd comment by Mike, this time concerning Valerie Bertinelli. Dude. Wierd.

  2. Also, if you remember, when the guitar switch happened (1990), the new guitars were made by Ernie Ball – the “EVH Signature”. He didn’t switch to Peavey until around VHIII time. Ernie Ball kept the model, but called it an “Axis” and Peavey made the kncock off called the “Wolfgang,” which is supposedly a better guitar. Then Eddie split with Peavey in 2004, and Peavey went on making his guitar as the “HP Special.” Peavey also stopped making the 5150 amp line at this time (which had started in 1993). Eddie now makes home-built and assembled guitars with Charvel, the “EVH Art Series Guitars” that look like his old guitars.

  3. Good, last I remember Charvel doesn’t make any digal, ear stinging chorus pedals so at least he could start by eliminating chorus from his set up. And who knows? maybe breaking into porn is his new calling.

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