Beck – The Information – (music reviews)

“1, 2, You know what to do” and “Elevator Music” kicks in on the new Beck album. It’s good. It picks up where Guero left off. A little more organic sounding. Not quite as whacky (until the 11 minute closing track “The Horrible Fanfare/Landslide/Exoskeleton”). Beck and Nigel Godrich are credited with most of the instruments on the album (including both on Speak’n’spell, and you know you want one). I like Nigel Godrich’s production. He did a great job with Paul McCartney and Thom Yorke’s solo thing. This is his 4th album with Beck (Mutations, Sea Change, Guero). The songs don’t make a huge impact on first listening, but it’s growing. No break out huge single really. “I Think I’m In Love” might be the one. The packaging and the accompanying DVD probably made the biggest impact. The CD package is totally blank grid paper. It comes with a sheet of stickers. The DVD has a lo-fi video for each song. I watched the whole albumn first. Very cool.

Check out the album: The Information

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