Great New Music Podcast Station – Enemy Radio!

Here is the song list
Here is the song list

Enemy Radio is on the right track. Here are 2 very good music podcast’s that contain about 30 min each of very interesting (and good) new bands. Enemy Radio has a mission to “Stop Music Elitism!!!”. We like that slogan here at Top 40 Sucks!

Enemy Elite’s “About Us”:

Enemy Radio is a commercial-free, not-for-profit podcast. Is is run by die hard music fans in an attempt to spread the word on new bands and music. If one person hears our transmitions and is able to find something that they like, then we are doing our job. Music is not to be only in the hands of an elite few, it is for everyone. The only dilemma with that fact is that the majority of listeners rely on mtv or their local radio stations to get their daily dosages. These media have long been tainted with corporate influences and are no longer of use to us. It is through friends, word of mouth, myspace and the internet in which fans can find music that still means something, to someone. To find info on all of the bands showcased in our podcasts, check out our blog section. If you have any questions or know something we don’t feel free to send us a message, we need the help just as much as anyone else. You can subscribe to Enemy Radio on iTunes or download direct from our website – http://www.enemyelite.com/radio.html

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