Smashing Pumpkins – New music on it’s way, but who’s actually going to play on it?

(In sarcastic tone) Well, well, well…look who’s back…it’s, uh, it’s Billy Corgan of course, but who is that in the corner who just spoke up? Is that? D’arcy? noooooo. James Iha? Wrong again…It couldn’t be? Yes! I do think it is! It’s Jimmy Chamberlin! My favorite (and personally I think the most talented) Pumpkin has teamed up with Corgan to record a new album.

But who is going to play bass on the album? Well, most likely Corgan of course since he monopolized the low end on the first few albums anyway. And who is going to play rhythm guitar? HIGHLY doubtful James Iha…I would say Corgan will assume these duties since he made Iha sit on the sidelines in the past as well (because there wasn’t enough room in the control room for anyone but Corgan’s ego and the engineer – and I heard the engineer now suffers from claustrophobia as he barely had room to breathe.)

Now you may be asking, why is Mahsheet so bitter in his tone while speaking about a new Smashing Pumpkins album? I mean after all “Gish” is on his all time fav’s list of best albums?

Here is why. IMO, everything after “Gish” absolutely blows and I hold Billy Corgan directly responsible for ruining a great band and compromising his own abilities to write crappy songs instead of forward thinking, brutal, explosive, guitar ripping rock and roll music. A little taste of success and WHAM! Billy forgets how to play his guitar…alienates his band…tells many a fan off…and on top of it all produces Courtney Love’s albums. As if we really need more Courtney Love in our world. ESPECIALLY, with Corgan’s new found pop schema that ensures success at a mass populous level. I think I have it right here: Cool intro into whiney but angry verse, get into chorus and repeat 125 times with each line getting more whiney (maybe scream), second verse, week solo, chorus, techno type bridge, chorus, verse, chorus…repeat with next song.

Blah…hopefully with Corgan’s new found lust for music he remembers where he came from…his guitar, his band mates, and his fans.

Here are some Jimmy Chamberlin quotes from the Smashing Pumpkins MySpace music blog announcing his involvement in the record.

JC Music Blog 1

JC Music Blog 2

OH, Jimmy…you are a great drummer! But all that stuff about shooting stars and such sounds a little like you may be dippin’ in the sauce again.

The ONLY Smashing Pumpkins album worth getting IMO: Gish

21 thoughts on “Smashing Pumpkins – New music on it’s way, but who’s actually going to play on it?

  1. ha ha ha!!!another “I know everything about music” article. you’re so ridiculous,maybe you should have written;”if corgan has asked me, I would have shown him how to make cds”… you suck

  2. anto…when you say “another” that means there is a consensus and multiple people who agree with my rantings so it’s not just me saying Corgan used to rip. And yes, I DO know alot about music, I’ve been playing and listening for 21 years ya little toad. And YES, if Corgan asked me to make his CD’s I CERTAINLY would do it, would let my band mates play, try not to whine my lyrics, and play a fucking bad ass solo because I could! Now go back to liking shitty music or better yet, turn me on to something good.

  3. that shoud be exactly same thing with NIN…now let me guess,you play in a band which is so great but you only do small concerts,(because of ordinary people of course, who don’t understand your so fucking good songs),and you try to give lessons about music…you were talking about ego, you really should look at yourself.you haven’t understood that music was always changing…just carry on playing your solos (as it seems to be the only word you know about music).keep living in the past

  4. My ego is not in question here… but your obvious lack of providing any good argument about the topic is… as your personal attacks are a lame attempt at trying to provide some sort of defense for Billy Corgan?I absolutely understand music is always changing, but that doesn’t mean it has to get any better does it? In my opinion music isn’t changing nearly as much as say 10, 20, or 30 years ago. There is a lot of redundancy and crap out there.So I call bullshit on Corgan, have every right to do so, and stand by what I said until someone provides an intelligent argument to change my mind. Which you haven’t even come close to doing.Enjoy your day there anto…

  5. you haven’t even understood my point of view…I’m not surprised.have I tried do defend corgan?have I tried to bring you “arguments” about his music? I don’t think so.YOU are the one I criticize.the “that sucks and I’m better!!!”critics are simply pathetic.now at least,I think it is clear enough,even for you…bye

  6. Never said I was better there anto…and it’s people like YOU that I criticize as you have no ability to debate or make a point about a specified topic, but instead take the liberty to attack people with an opinion as it seems you don’t have or know how to defend one.Thanks for the drive by stupidity…that’s what this blog is all about! BTW – Billy Corgan still needs to step up and Top 40 music still sucks. Anyone else?

  7. you have a lot of problems of understanding, I’m not surprised…you still haven’t understood my point of view (and I am sure you don’t even do it on purpose…)you should learn to read better (as it seems to be a bit difficult for you).stupidity, what this blog is all about, you’re right.I won’t waste my time again trying to explain you something you will never catch.for the last time I don’t defend billy corgan (ah, maybe you won’t understand…) you’re not better?? (what have you written before?)carry on this way…miserable…

  8. Oh, I understand you completely anto. You hate the haters who “think they know everything about music” as you so eloquently put it. Blah blah blah… I, on the other hand am trying to stay on the topic of the post of which you so vehemently are trying to steer away from. Don’t you understand that this blog is about OPINION and that you have the right to argue (intelligently that is) to prove me wrong instead of casting a wide “you suck” net that is supposed to make me feel bad about my opinions and retract everything I said, apologize and beg for your forgiveness? Think about it, talk to your Mommy about it…she’ll probably have some good insight for you and come back to me when you have something intelligent to say about the actual TOPIC OF THE POST. Also…please quote me saying I was better than anyone please…I’m having trouble finding it anywhere in this painful conversation. To me it sounds like you created this in your head when you posted “maybe you should have written; if corgan has asked me, I would have shown him how to make cds” I never asked did I?Lastly, if I didn’t nail the point of your conversation above, please spell it out for me because all I hear..and I quote “”that sucks and I’m better!!!” of which I agree I like to point out what I think sucks…it’s the whole point of the blog fool! But, I’ve never said I was better…although the band I play in is “so great but I only do small concerts,(because of ordinary people of course, who don’t understand I’m so fucking good songs)” another made up argument in your head…Please come back with something intelligent about the topic of the post…I beg of you. Although, I must say I enjoy your idiocy.

  9. I just like saying anto. And solo. Is there any other way to describe music? Billy Gorgan was never that good. Gish is alright, but he’s been a bitch the whole time. He didn’t let anybody play back then either. He’s writing Courtney Hole songs now. Why would you expect him to be good? Anto and Mahsheet should make out. Hot angry sex…

  10. …hot, angry sex…mahsheet could call himself “anto-eater.” I personally have no problem with the post-Gish, pop-oriented output from SP. They strike me as one of those bands that always wanted to be pop-rock stars but just could not figure out how to sound like one on their first album, so everyone mistook them for something really underground. It’s like a lot of the newbie time slots on college radio stations. You hear a mix of stuff that is content to be underground and exotic and independent, and then you hear all those “poor man’s FILL IN THE NAME OF ANY POPULAR ROCK/POP/ALTERNATIVE BAND”. Then you have bands like Everclear, who I really think did not originally set out to become what they are now (listen to their “World of Noise” album to see what I mean) but somehow, in a way they themselves cannot even fathom, they did. Did they “sell out”? I dunno. Some bands grow and progress in ways that turn off some fans, excite others, and create lots of new fans. Others are so amazing that their fans are willing to follow them anywhere they want to go, no matter how far they may stray from their beginnings (such as the Beatles, David Bowie, Yo La Tengo, etc.). Unless they begin to just plain suck (which it sounds like you think Corgan does, and I won’t argue because I have not really heard his most recent work) I think it’s cool if a band changes rather than trying to re-create their first album or single over and over. I may not always like what they become, but usually a lot of other people do. I’m tired of feeling like I should hate someone once they become popular. Sometimes I hate someone when they become popular, but not because of that fact–it’s because they start to suck, or they just move into territory I’m not into.

  11. Most of the time when someone becomes popular they end up sucking 99% of the time. It may be time to start a list on this one…a good new topic. And I agree you shouldn’t feel like a turd if you like something that’s popular…as long as it doesn’t suck.It’s funny you mentioned Everclear. el Ticknor got me into them (and I believe ran sound for them at the Covered Dish in Gainesville a long time ago…didn’t bass players rig go out or somethin?) and really dug Sparkle and Fade and So Much for the Afterglow…but dammit didn’t every song start to sound the same and talk about Art Alexakis’ same tortured childhood topics? I stopped listening a long time ago and haven’t heard anything after Songs from an American Movie.

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