Les Claypool – Bass master plays Drums and Guitar on latest album Of Whales and Woes?

Not only has Les Claypool (of Primus fame) mastered the bass guitar but on his latest solo effort, Of Whales and Woes, he lays down some very proficient drums and guitar work. Guitar, I can see as it is so closely related to the bass, but drums? Yes. Excellent drumming by the lanky, fishin’, redneck from El Sobrante #1 not to mention extra sick bass playin’ by the multi-talented musician. He is accompanied by some awesome tenor sax work by Skerik, vibes by Mike Dillon and last, but not least Gabby La La on Sitar.

OH! And I can’t forget “Back Off Turkey” featuring family members Cage Claypool on Percussion and Lena Claypool on Marimba!

You can imagine that this combination of unique musicians makes for some incredibly interesting listening to say the least. “Of Whales and Woes” never falls short at any one point in the album and is a funky some’ bitch with Les in full redneck vox. A must have in the ‘ol music box.

Check out a great DVD on Les Claypool – 5 Gallons of Diesel

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3 thoughts on “Les Claypool – Bass master plays Drums and Guitar on latest album Of Whales and Woes?

  1. It’s been a while since I’ve checked out the master bassist/fisherman but will give this a listen to! Was disappointed with LC and the Holy Mackerel. . .but “They Can’t All Be Zingers.”

  2. caught, the gabby-la-la, les, m. dillon, skerik show as it rolled through a few months ago. PHENOMENAL! and at steal given the Col.’s normal touring prices.who is this guy they call bob cock?

  3. Bob C. Cock here…the “C” is for Cock! Have you seen Primus – Cheezy Home Videos yet? Mr. Bob C. Cock makes an appearance on there as well as the Primus – Jerry was a race car driver vid. He’s the dude who stirs the cheese and says “STEAMEH!”

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