Terd Nugent, Total Prick

Ted Nugent
When “Terd” Nugent — affectionately known as the “Nooooge” by legions of imbeciles who mistake the Ultimate Fighting Championship cage for the rock stage — isn’t being a total racist asshole, do you think he just hangs out in a suvival bunker shooting flaming crossbow arrows at his freakish wife (and reading fan mail from ullimike)?

6 thoughts on “Terd Nugent, Total Prick

  1. Ted Nugent at the Inaugural Ball: Terrible Ted actually sang the 70’s hit “Wang Dang Sweet Poontang” to the assembled black-tie crowd, complete with pelvic thrusts, using his American flag guitar as a phallic prop in true rock and roll style. The stage was covered with machine guns and skulls as props…AWESOME.

  2. Chadd love’s Ted Nugent in his loin cloth. I found him running around the house in one singing Motor City Madhouse gyrating like Elvis on speed…that’s the real reason we couldn’t live together on Treasure Island.

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