11 thoughts on “The Police announce reunion tour

  1. Ah Shizznit! It looks like Sting’s kid will be opening up…excellent. Thank Gawd it wasn’t Evanescence. Also, loving the quote…”Three guys on stage. That’s all.”back up singers, horns, all that crap gone is how it should be done.

  2. Look at Andy in the picture. You can tell he’s letting one big juicy wet one rip knowing that no can hear it.and he’s really enjoying it.ah, to fart in front of 35 million people.I wonder if that’s just the way he looks now, you know, like he’s constantly squirting himself.You know, he used to have this, “Hello, I’m Andy Summers and I’d like to be your friend” look, but now he’s got this, “Mmmmmmmmm ahhhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhh, that was a good one” look. and I’m being totally serious here. I think he sharted himself silly on TV there. I mean look at his facial expression. Back up singers? Except for Sting’s pre-recorded backing vocals.And as far as opening bands for The Police goes…um…none!! Just have it be the Police.

  3. Dude…you wouldn’t want like Men at Work or some other cool reunion “Band of the Day” type thing going on?Also, Andy is 65 yrs old man…ya gotta do what ya gotta do. As long as he keeps his stench on his side of the stage he’ll keep from pissing Sting off…I can see the fart brawl now…Sting – “Wuld ya stop farting in the stage fan ya wanka?”Andy – “It wasn’t me I swear! It’s that dude in the front row!”Stewart – “snicker, snicker”

  4. Crowded House are reuniting with a new album sans drummer as he committed suicide a couple of years ago.I don’t care what anyone says, Neil Finn is one of the most underappreciated songwriters out there.Mike, you’re going to have to show me how to put up my own post because I’m going to do my own three part series about today’s most underappreciated songwriters. Neil Finn, Andy Partridge, and I haven’t decided who the third one should be yet. Maybe the dude from Dio.Did you know that crowded house’s last concert had over 125,000 people! The whole world loves them…except the U.S.Neil Finn…One Nil or (One All), is a great album. check it out.check him out on youtube, there’s some stuff with him playing from his own studio in his home in New Zealand. That would be pretty cool to have.I need to do my own post.How?Oh, the point of this was to suggest that Crowded House would be cool as an opening band.

  5. You know who always looks like she just cut a tiny little fart is the dark haired chick from Sex In The City (I think her name is Kristin Davis). She always looks like she is giggling, “Tee hee hee, I just tooted!” Maybe I’m the only person who thinks that. Hey, if she is Kristin Davis, I just remembered something: She is the voice of Miss Spider on the kid’s cartoon of the same name. Miss Spider always sounds kind of constipated. Anyway, like Chadd, I just cannot seem to get too excited about this reunion.

  6. Now, wait there just a minute, ylt, don’t jump on to my non-excited about the police reunion tour. I love the police and it pains my soul that I feel this way, although as time goes by, i’m getting more and more excited about it, especially after seeing the whiskey a go go pictures. I mean, I even love “The Other Way of Stopping”. Do you, ylt, even know what that song is? Or what album it’s on? Yeah, that’s what I thought, so you’re non-excitement stems from some delusional plane of existence where Bono and Sting (of the Police, not of the Solo) can share the same ball-washing space. No. this can never be.I mean can you even finish this line, “I didn’t want to rock your boat but you sent this dangerous…” and what song is it from? And what album. And what are the songs that come before and after this song? Without looking it up.Yeah. That’s what I thought.I would spend the 200 dollars just to see Andy play. In fact, that’s what I’m going to do . I’m going to make a T-shirt that says, “Fuck the Police, I’m here for Andy!” And I will wear it proudly for the entire time the police tour and I will not wash nor take it off.And Baby Tess will know that I am her father!and that Andy rocks.

  7. “The Other Way of Stopping” is from my favorite Police album, Zenyatta Mondatta, and back in the day, it was probably my favorite instumental. I love the way all the instruments except the guitar fade out at the end. I have no idea what song that lyric is from or how it ends or what song comes before or after it, but I have a feeling it comes from Synchronicity, which is my second favorite Police album (Zenyatta barely edges it out because I kinda prefer the punk side of Police to their conceptual/progressive side, but just barely).I have not listened to it in years because somebody stole my copy of it. Probably you, so you could have a 3rd backup copy of Synchronicity in case you got one of your 24k gold special editions scratched. Chadd, I am not as big a Police fan as you, but when I was a kid they were my favorite band in the world (Genesis was #2, Depeche Mode #3). And unlike you, it does not really pain me that I am not very excited about this reunion. What pains me is that I did not get to see them play back when they were a real working band. That’s what really pains me.I’ll tell you else what pains me: that you in no way responded to my comments about farts. That is what really pains me very deeply.

  8. Anybody notice how Stewart looks like Ray Manzarek now? And Chadd, I totally agree with you about Crowded House. Neil (and his Brother Tim) Finn is a great songwriter. I think I may actually like Tim Finn’s band, Split Enz, better. Split Enz, one of the greatest forgotten bands of the 70’s.

  9. ylt, I pretty thought (correctly) that my comments about the farts pretty much said it all and so to even post a response was at the very least moot.How about that for a band name? mootbut I am starting to feel guilty about the fart comments because it’s Andy Summers and he is a guitar god.watching him play at whiskey a go go makes you realize that in many ways he has the toughest job out of all of them because he’s the guy that has to really fill the space (or not, a la Miles Davis) with the songs and for improving he did pretty great.Fuck! I’m really, really excited about it now.How could I not have been?Stewart, at the whiskey, gives a little love to Trey Anastasio, which is pretty cool.Dudes! It’s the fucking Police!!And baby, boy do I have my mojo back!!!I apologize for any non-excited comments I may have written earlier.

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