The Police, The Grammy’s Performance , The Newly Announced Tour

Ok, I must admit that I preferred to watch The Simpson’s over The Grammys this year. Actually, I could give a rats arse about The Grammys as I’m one of those people who hate awards shows due to the amount of bias and political bureaucracy that ultimately praises the bad and alienates the good…not in ALL cases mind you, and I can watch The Police’s performance on You Tube. but I digress. This is about The Police! According to the Contra Costa Times Stewart Copeland was smiling wildly as Sting, Andy, and himself played “Roxanne” in honor of the 30th anniversary of the song as well as to announce The Police’s summer tour. Sweet a summer tour! But is this going to be a greatest hits tour or will we get to hear what might have been after Synchronicity? Ah, who cares, if we get some new material call it a bonus. I just can’t wait to see The Police live. Hopefully Sting is over his adult contemporary, save the rain forest, “I can have sex for days” attitude and remember how to punk it up a bit and remember that elevators are not where his music belongs. Now, there is some question as to who is going to open for The Police? I almost gagged when I heard Evanescence being thrown around. Evanescence? Eee, Gad. I’ve also heard The Fray (puke), The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus (boy band punk pop – not good), and Sting’s own son’s (Joe Sumner) band, Fiction Plane (They sound damn good actually) opening. Who in THEE hell picks these bands to open for THE POLICE? How about someone like XTC, U2, The Cars, The Fixx, The Outfield, or Men at Work? Sure some of these bands don’t really exist anymore, but if you’re going to do a reunion tour why not do it right? Get some openers from the time when The Police were together. ..and who are actually, GOOD? Anyway, enjoy the original video for “Roxanne” and we’ll see you at the show! (Firefox users may be asked for a plug in to watch the video) Oh, and if Firefox still gives you trouble (No thanks to Microsoft’s stupid software) then check out these pictures of the Police.

21 thoughts on “The Police, The Grammy’s Performance , The Newly Announced Tour

  1. First,the audience’s reaction to The Police was, “Who?” Did anyone see that? at the end of their song?Second,was anyone scared that the guy from Aerosmith was going to walk out on stage and start singing with Sting in the middle of RoxanneThird,They sounded good.Fourth,For some strange reason, I’m not as excited as I should be. I mean, I don’t want them to do a brand new album that would only mar the previous five police albums, but if you’re going to get together and tour, shit, you might as well put your balls on the table and do it anyway.Yeah, I’ll probably spend the $200 just to get see them play songs that I’ve already heard and see them play (on video’s, etc). Watching them play Roxanne, which everytime they get together to play (they’ve played together five or six times since the Police disbanded) they always play Roxanne…Not very exciting, not because the song’s not good, but because they always play it.Now, if they had come out and just played “Behind My Camel” with Andy sitting on a stool downstage by himself with Sting and Stewart in the back ground, or if they just came out and played “Deathwish” or “Fall Out” and just said, “That’s right, that’s how we roll now” Okay, that would have been absolutely terrible but exciting.Do you think they’ll pull out “Masako Tanga” (sp?) on the tour? No, gotta make room for Every Breath YOu take (yawn).I don’t know. Why am I not as excited as I should be?What if they would have come and played “Darkness” Now that’s what I’m talking about.and goddammit, Mike, another terrible picture!Please help me.And if your list of reasons to be excited is just their greatest hits, please. It’s not as if they’re going to sound any different or any better.Once more, I have to say I thought they sounded great.Except for the “I won’t share I won’t share I won’t share I won’t share you with another boy.” It’s like Godley and Creme got to do the arrangement of the song for the boys. Lots of Echo echo echo echos.Did you know Andy Summers is turning 65 this year?I know I should be more excited than this.

  2. awesome…I couldn’t believe that The Police weren’t up first thing this morning.I agree with everything you say Chadd and I’ll be watching you.What about Canary in a Coal mine? Bombs Away? Man, they have so many songs to choose from that as you say…will get nixed for Message in a Bottle. I’m so down for Synchronicity II…I think they could do it…although there is a good chance of Sting wanting to go all “elevator with a d*ck up it’s arse” on them when it comes to song writing time (that’s an inside joke folks – not that anybody reads this thing).I can’t believe Andy is 65…he’s going to need a friggin’ wheel chair soon.Lastly, go find your own damn pictures. It’s hard enough when you’re supposed to be working.

  3. The echo break was terrible!!!!!It’s amateur hour.It’s them trying to be atmospheric so let’s use the echo.It’s bad, bad, bad, bad, bad.I was kidding about the tickets being $200, but they’re actually $225!!!!Guess I’m not going.The New York show would be kickass!!!

  4. I’m pretty excited. I just happened to join Best Buy Rewards Program or some shit, and I’m getting presale tickets to the Friday night tour closer at Madison Square Garden. Oh and I’m probably going to go to the Wednesday night show at Madison Square Garden also. I thought they sounded so much better than they could have (although where did those background vocals come from?), that I’m going to forgive I won’t share, I won’t share, I won’t share, I won’t share, I won’t share, I won’t share, I won’t share, I won’t share, I won’t share, I won’t share, I won’t share, I won’t share, I won’t share, I won’t share, I won’t share, I won’t share, I won’t share, I won’t share, I won’t share, I won’t share, I won’t share….

  5. Chadd…dude, the echo kicked ass…it was just like in the old days of Sting doing the echo thing (Uh, where’s my echo?) Now the pre-recorded harmonies were totally amateur hour. And the way Andy and Stewart tried to make it look like it was them singing when it was clearly a Sting overdub…brutal. But over all I thought they rocked. Andy has a really good way of flubbing chords and he hit pretty much all of them. Although it seems they always struggle with the timing on Roxanne.

  6. Everyone struggles with the timing on Roxanne. I was a member before Feb. 1, and I got my presale code, but I didn’t get tickets. Drag. There are already tickets for like $2500 on ebay. This is going to be a hard and/or expensive show to see.

  7. The echo did not kickass.the echo sucked.You, of all people, in praise of the echo?It was cheesy.and the song is Roxanne, there’s nothing about that song that even remotely invites an atmospheric break, just play it and be done with it. This is why they can’t record another album. Sting is just too cheesified. Better for them to just stick with the old stuff and be done with it.If I even so much as hear that they’re playing Fields of Gold on the tour I will destroy everything I have of the police, including that part of my brain that holds my memories of not only the police songs but of every time I ever played the police on my guitar, with Chris way back when, and yes, dare I say, even of the legendary lost version of Hole In My Life performed with Mike, Chris, and me.writing to all of you from among the fields of barleyI sign off with one final suggestion…take another look at Andy’s face in Mike’s lovely picture on the blog and tell me he’s not turtling.

  8. ylt, Bono should wash Sting’s balls and you know it. Please. To suggest that U2 is somehow too good to open for the Police is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard…

  9. That may be, and those two bands on a double billing would be pretty cool, but it does not matter how good one or the other is, it’s just a thing of the level of success/esteem both have. They are both top teir bands. When Billy Joel and Elton John went on tour, nobody said that Billy was opening for Elton or vice-versa. Same thing with U2. Having a young up and coming (or just young) band is a smart move for two reasons: 1) It associates the Police with something new and hip; 2) It avoids turning things into an 80’s nostalgia-fest and making the Police look like has-beens trying to resurrect the past/cash in. 80’s bands like the Cure and Depeche Mode have found like-minded next generation bands to tour with them recently and it worked well for both parties. On a completely different note, I want to make a post, but I cannot figure out how to include links or insert a YouTube video. What do I do?

  10. Bono should wash Sting’s balls! HAHAHAHA!ylt watcher…I’ll help you with the posting – I’ll send you an email, but dude…what young band would you suggest open for The Police that is like minded? Honestly, I can’t think of any band that has ever even come close to sounding like or even have the same direction as The Police that would warrant them opening up for them. I think having Sting’s son’s band open is a smart choice. They are pretty good and it’s Sting’s son! Name one band you think could open up for The Police that is young and hip these days that is worthy.

  11. That’s a good point, and one I have brought up before–there is nobody who sounds like the Police, not then or now. I was not criticising the choice of Stingicito’s band, first because I have never heard them, and second because I think it’s a good idea to have a young band opening, and why not them. I was just offering reasons why tapping one of their contemporaries would be a bad move. It makes it a nostalgia-fest.

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