Van Halen’s road plans have taken a rocky turn

Again the LA Times with the story…

And this from Billboard…

What might have been (according to Rolling Stone)…

Unbelievable…or wait a minute. This is absolutely believable considering the past idiocy of everyone who has ever been involved in the Rock and Roll icon’s know as Van Halen. The tour is off…once again. And now the Van Halen brothers will most likely bail on the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame introduction. Ahhh, all I can say is…I just saved $250 a ticket for your stupid ass quasi – Van Halen reunion tour anyway! .

Lastly, I would like to leave this subject with some excellent David Lee Roth quotes:

“I have hope and faith, and that’s more than just the name of a couple of strippers from Albuquerque.”

(When David Lee Roth was working as a paramedic) “I was working in neighborhoods that were almost exclusively black and Spanish-speaking, so only maybe twice out of 200 clients was I recognized…. I was joking about this in the truck on New Year’s Eve, which was my last shift — I was working in Brooklyn, down in Coney Island — I said that I’ve been in more project apartments than Jay-Z and Diddy combined.”

“I’m going to put some words in Ed’s mouth,” Roth said. “Whatever explanation he may give about having his son in the band, I’m going to superimpose: He wants to play with his kid while he’s still at the top of his game and able to … and that’s also the same reason I’m in the band in its current configuration. No questions asked. He said, ‘Hey, c’mon up the hill and make some music.’ I said, ‘Great. I’d love to play with you while you’re still on the top of your game.’ “

(from the L.A. Times) Roth smiled, but a moment later, when he was asked about what he feared most about the reunion, he didn’t hesitate with his answer: “The two worst words in the English lexicon are ‘band meeting.’ “

16 thoughts on “Van Halen’s road plans have taken a rocky turn

  1. …and I take full responsibility for anything added below the RollingStone link in this post (the author can’t be changed)…put some meat to your posts instead of just pictures and links…search engine spiders like text…and people.

  2. From what I read it sounded as if they were postponing the tour till the fall. I didn’t realize they called it quits.I’m not sure I really care.No Police concert for me either.Too damn expensive. Have to buy a crib instead.But late at night, when Jody is asleep, and I’m the one feeding the baby (my milk ducts have come unblocked and I am now a fully certified wet nurse), I will play, at very low volume, Zenyatta Mondatta over and over and over again. No other Police albums. Only the Zenyatta. In many ways, it’s their purest album. And in many ways, this post doesn’t belong under this subject but that’s how little I care about another damn VH reunion.I swear to god I’m this close to posting my own subject on this blog.Hey, wasn’t Jump like number one in the top 40 back in 84? So, does that mean that 1984 sucks? I mean if this blog is about top 40 sucking, it stands to reason, doesn’t it?Ah fuck.

  3. I agree with Chadd…screw Wolfie let him cut his teeth the old-fashioned way.Can someone tell my husband that Madison Square Garden is no place for a one month old…even if it is The Police.

  4. OMG…do you HEAR yourselves? I’m not going to THE POLICE because of baby…gotta by a crib…what a bunch of wussies! A Police Concert is a PERFECT place to bring the kid. What a better way to introduce a kid to some of the best music ever made? And then when the kid grows up they can say “I went to Police concert when I was only 1 month old!” Damn…and Chadd…if ya woulda gotten into the damn PoliceTour club you would be able to sell your tickets for THOUSANDS of dollars now. Oakland sold out in like .5 seconds. You could have bought your kid it’s damn college tuition!Boy I oughtta…

  5. Fuck da Police… just the real ones… anyway I would pay 1k for VH tix if it was a REAL VH reunion with Mike Anthony and I am disappointed with Dave for agreeing to anything besides a true reunion. Yes I am a VH slut and yes 1984 sucks.. the production blows (thin thin thin), Ed’s guitar tone blows, and the 2 good songs on it (Girl Gone Bad and House of Pain) are outtakes from the VH2 recording sessions. Yes I am ecstasteve.

  6. No way you could sell Police tickets for thousands, not even for more than what you paid for. Some jackass’s did that on ebay to make you think that people would be willing to pay all that money. It’s a total scam. I bet you could buy that shit for less than what was paid the day of the concert on craigs list.Still I am bummed. I am also extremely poor. And Jody is not working for the whole summer which means young Chadd will have to get a second job and yes I’m posting this here because again, I just don’t give a shit about VH anymore. Although I should be posting this under XTC’s Skylarking post that I will one day put up. “Earn Enough For Us.” Dude, I’m just about at that point. Literally. No way in hell I can justify the Police for $200. No way in hell. My new solo album. How could that not have been an album title by now.From the bottom of my soul to the tip of my penis I swear to heaven on high I never want to hear about another damn Van Halen reunion ever again. I will no longer post anything under any heading that even remotely relates to Van Halen.

  7. I agree with you , ecstasteve, in a balls out rock kind of way, those are the best songs on 1984, but Drop Dead Legs is pretty awesome too. And I really don’t have a problem with the hits either. But I’d have to go with pretty much any DLR Van Halen album (other than Diver Down) as better than 1984.

  8. Chadd, you are woefully out of step with the latest developments on this blog. Mahsheet changed its name several days ago to “Top 40 Music Sucks! (NOW)But it Was Friggin’ Awesome when I was just a kid who didn’t know better in 1984!” Look at the comments in the Police at Bonnaroo post to get up to speed.

  9. And Chadd, when the hell are you going to listen to Broken Social Scene’s self-titled album? You have had it on your ipod since Christmas. I’m still waiting.

  10. Chadd, I bet I can sell 2 Police tix (I got the $90 field tix..not $200) for at least $1000 (I hope). I can at least sell them at triple the cost and go see The Police for free and maybe have some beer money left.Now, as far as 1984 is concerned..you just gotta listen to it on Vinyl in order to get any meat of the production. But I agree with el Ticknor (you should use that name btw) that Drop Dead Legs is a great tune. IMO, Fair Warning and Women and Children First are the all time best albums.

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