The Panic Channel kicks Rockstar Supernova’s Ass at Oracle Arena – Oakland

Some friends of mine had 4 tickets to Rockstar Supernova and The Panic Channel at the Oracle Center in Oakland, Ca and asked my wife and I to go. At first I thought, “Are you kidding me? Pay $70 a ticket to watch a bunch of rockstar sell out’s that really suck as TV personalities try to play rock and roll again?” OK! Unfortunately, our friends weren’t able to make it so they gave us their tickets and I figured I could scalp them at the show and get them some money back. No dice. Not a soul around. I couldn’t give ’em away…not even to the bums who asked for a beer in the parking lot. Oh well, we’ll have 4, 14th row tickets and they’ll just be 2 of us. Sweet!

Now, don’t get me wrong here. I am a HUGE Jane’s fan and Motley Crue’s first 2 albums were life changing…but after watching that damn TV show, “Rockstar Supernova“, it just made me want to puke. I actually went into withdrawal for 3 days (pun intended) thinking Dave Navarro, my guitar hero, has done the ultimate in selling his soul to the devil for money and left his guitar playing and dedication to SHRED in the crapper. I am wrong and I rescind all profanities said again Mr. Navarro. After watching Navarro rip with The Panic Channel I was re-converted and now have The Panic Channel, as ecstasteve puts it, “In heavy rotation”. Navarro came out in standard no shirt, ripped to all hell with his signature white Paul Reed Smith and just blazed through the entire set. And having Steven Perkins on the kit was an extra added bonus. He’s a drum god by all means. And Steve Isaacs has one of the most powerfully melodic vocals in rock right now. Chris Chaney of NEW Jane’s Addiction Fame pounded out some thumping bass that made Perkin’s kick sound like thunder.

Now, the fun part of this and extremely deceiving was before The Panic Channel was an all-star cast of Rockstar Supernova losers who sang songs together, covered some Who, and ultimately got all the fat bottomed girls with ripped up black tee’s and smokey breath all excited. These were the true fans of the show and screamed like a fire alarm glued to the top of my skull any chance they got. Needless to say I had to turn around and tell them to shut the F*@& up because my ears were bleeding and needed immediate medical attention. Now I see why el Ticknor wears ear plugs to shows…not because the music is too loud, but because of the screaming teenage, big bottomed girls with extremely powerful lungs. This was pure entertainment in a whole new way.

Lastly, the big act. Not the band we all came for, but the MAN we all came for. Ladies and Gentlemen! May I introduce to you…MR…..TOMMY LEE!!! Oh, and Supernova. Holy crap was Tommy Lee a super bad, kick the sh*t outta anyone near him, gimme my sticks and let me show YOU how the drums were meant to be played MOTHER F’ER. His kick drum was the size of a tractor trailer wheel and made my heart go into palpitations everytime he kicked it. Man, is Tommy Lee and entertainer or what? I have a new found respect for Tommy Lee… especially after his incredible drum solo using his insanely large and famous Tallywacker. Really. It was amazing. The drum rolls he did with that thing were sick…Pamela didn’t leave because she didn’t love him anymore…it’s because of that….that…DONG. Awesome show Tommy…tell the back up band that it’s crap that Jason Newsted wasn’t on bass as was billed and that ultimately, The Panic Channel KICKED YOUR BANDS ASS!

4 thoughts on “The Panic Channel kicks Rockstar Supernova’s Ass at Oracle Arena – Oakland

  1. the Panic channel CD has a pile of pretty decent songs on it although it is really Jane’s lite with an OK singer. I am m ore interested to hear how Raphael (the lead gtr player for the Rockstar House Band.) was. I saw a couple of live tapings of the TV show and that kids tone was sick and so were his chops.. He was using Bogner shiva amp heads when i saw him and I thought the sweetest tone he got was with a Les Paul gold top w/p-90’s.. I want one.. I will get one.

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