Radiohead’s Thom Yorke Becomes Speed Painting Subject

March 5, 2007 (from Spin.com)

Blogger posts a time-lapse video of a Thom Yorke portrait in the making, tripping out audiences across web.

Radiohead’s frontman Thom Yorke is arguably one of the most respected artists of the last decade. But that hasn’t stopped one Photoshop wizard from flipping Yorke’s role, placing the eco-conscious frontman at the center of his own masterpiece. The video, a time-lapse rendering of Yorke created via Photoshop, is set to a soundtrack of Radiohead tunes. An acoustic rendition of The Bends’ “Street Spirit (Fade Out)” and OK Computer’s “Karma Police” has been launched from relative obscurity to one of Technorati.com’s highest ranked video’s across the web. While entertaining, amazing, and, to some bloggers, motivating, the time-lapse video also garners critical comments from bloggers who shout falsity and praise graspable physical art while detesting, in a semi-hypocritical fashion, digital art — a situation likely summed up by Yorke and Co. in an obscure OK Computer B-side.

7 thoughts on “Radiohead’s Thom Yorke Becomes Speed Painting Subject

  1. No one can draw as well as you can solo. I was just thinking about your comment about not knowing that Jack White could shred while I was listening to Ball and Biscuit off White Stripes’ Elephant this morning on the train. You must seek this song out and listen to the shredding.

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