Wolfmother – AOL Sessions and the Letterman show

Wolfmother is bad ass…the bass/keyboard player is a little goofy, but the raw sound created by vintage instruments (sweet Gibson SG, old Marshalss heads and cabs, and a Rickenbacker) and a cool voice is killer. Check out all the Wolfmother AOL sessions or watch them on the Letterman show. Enjoy. Oh, Wolfmother tix for The Warfield go on sale March 18th.

3 thoughts on “Wolfmother – AOL Sessions and the Letterman show

  1. I saw Wolfmother at the Palladium here in LA a few months back and I have to say this… Cool style cool vibe & on the right track but 100% totally derivative. There is nothing about wolfmother live that doesn’t make you think of the times it was played better by Cream and Sabbath. The tone and attitude are dead on, but the musicianship is so light years behind what guys were doing LITERALLY 38 years ago. It’s just a swatch of true nostalgia, rendered well, by well meaning kids that have no life experience to bolster their blues. I will still buy the next 2 albums to see if they can take the idea and turn it into something that will honestly move me but I would probably bet they turn out like Silverchair. i have been wrong before! oh wait.. no I haven’t. I have said Aguilera will outperform Spears since day 1!!!!

  2. oh yeah.. the warfield kicks as if you get good seats; so even if WM is a tribute band to the late 60’s ,they are a good one; and it will be cool to see them at the Warfield. nyaaagh!

  3. dude..I tottaly agree. When I bought the album and listened to it I couldn’t get past that they were totally a throw back Sabbath tribute band…but the kmore I listened to ’em the more I liked em. Better than another Fall Out Boy wuss ass band. I can’t wait to see what happens on the next album…but i have a feeling the chances for another Silverchair are good…and it looks like Aguilera did indeed beet Britney since Britney had a melt down!

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