David “fingers” Haynes

Marc Stuart sent this over to me…sick drummer on a drum machine. Check out a solo below or check out all the David “fingers” Haynes You tube stuff. Pretty amazing.

One thought on “David “fingers” Haynes

  1. Woah. This guy’s good. What makes it even more impressive is that the drum machine he is using is extremely old. It’s an Alesis HR-16, and that model is notorious for developing problems with the pads over time that result in misfires, double-hits and other problems. I have the Alesis MMT-8 MIDI sequencer, which looks almost identical and came out at the same time as a companion to his model of drum machine, and it quickly developed all those pad problems, too. Great pattern-based sequencer, though. No disc drive, had to use tape backup if you wanted to save more than its tiny built in memory (which sometimes erased itself accidently) could hold. But such an elegantly simple interface and programing method–and about the cheapest sequencer you could buy in the late 80’s/early 90’s. Some rock and electronica artists still use them in the studio and even live, including Orbital, Moby and Autechre. I even read that Tony Banks used it. Some of the above electronica guys even have multiple units running at the same time in their live rig. They like the buttons you can use to mute individual tracks and change from pattern to pattern on the fly.

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