Kevin Costner Sues Music Promoter


The Associated Press

LOS ANGELES — Kevin Costner has sued a music promoter, claiming the company reneged on a contract to back the actor’s fledgling music career.

Costner, 52, filed the lawsuit Tuesday in Superior Court. The suit accuses Mahee Worldwide Ventures Inc. of breach of contract and fraud. Costner is seeking damages in excess of $8.5 million.

Costner is the lead singer in the Kevin Costner Band, for which he also writes songs. He also has a company, Kevin’s Music LLC, that manages his musical activities.

The lawsuit claims Costner’s company and the promoter entered into a two-year agreement in January that would allow the actor’s band to perform in as many as five concerts each year. Mahee also would create and maintain a Web site marketing Costner’s band, the lawsuit said.

But Mahee has failed to hold up its end of the deal, according to the lawsuit.

“Defendants made numerous promises regarding their capabilities to promote Mr. Costner’s music and (their) willingness to pay for the right to do so,” the lawsuit stated. “Instead of following through on their promises, defendants continued to make false promises and ultimately disappeared …”

An e-mail message left for Mahee was not immediately returned Thursday.

3 thoughts on “Kevin Costner Sues Music Promoter

  1. I can’t really tell what’s going on in that YouTube video, but it looked pretty boring and that the average age of the crowd was 65 yrs old…the dude prolly bailed because he was going to lose his arse.

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