The Bad Plus – A Jazz collective doing a Prog album – Very Cool

The Bad Plus is a collective made up of bassist Reid Anderson, pianist Ethan Iverson, and drummer David King who are currently doing a project called “Prog” (out May 8th) which judging by the incredible version of RUSH’s Tom Sawyer will be an album made up of different cover versions of some of the greatest prog bands around…but not in the fashion we normally hear cover songs…bland remakes that try to perfectly emulate the song which is good for a quick laugh…no, no, no! Not here!

So you’re probably asking yourself..”So, what am I to expect? Why do I need to hear cover tunes of prog songs I already love?” well…because these cover tunes are done in a jazz/fusion style where the music stands alone while still capturing the essence of the original song which is a very hard thing to do. But they somehow manage to do it! Take 5 parts accomplished jazz, 3 parts experimentation, and 1 part cover song and you get The Bad Plus. Definitely worth checking out.

There is also a really good blog written by pianist Ethan Iverson called Do the Math (it seems they are Big Lebowski fans). Lastly, if ya want to check ’em out live, here is their tour schedule.

Go see ’em! (You know they’re good if playing a couple dates w/ Mike Stern)

May 2007

06 College Park, MD — Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center
08 San Diego, CA — Saville Theater
09 Santa Barbara, CA — Soho Restaurant and Music Club
10 Oakland, CA — Yoshi’s
11 Oakland, CA — Yoshi’s
12 Oakland, CA — Yoshi’s
13 Oakland, CA — Yoshi’s
14 Santa Cruz, CA — Kuumbwa Jazz Center
15 Los Angeles, CA — The Mint
16 Los Angeles, CA — The Mint
17 Seattle, WA — Dimitriou’s Jazz Alley
18 Seattle, WA — Dimitriou’s Jazz Alley
19 Seattle, WA — Dimitriou’s Jazz Alley
20 Seattle, WA — Dimitriou’s Jazz Alley
22 Portland, OR — Berbati’s Pan
23 Bellingham, WA — The Nightlight Lounge
25 Boulder, CO — Boulder Theater
27 Atlanta, GA — Atlanta Jazz Festival

June 2007

15 Paris, FR — Festival Jazz de la Defense
17 Amsterdam, NL
— BimHuis (TBP only}
19 Amsterdam, NL — Theater Carre (w/ Mark Morris Dance Group)
20 Amsterdam, NL — Theater Carre (w/ Mark Morris Dance Group)
23 Winnipeg, CA — COOL Jazz WInnipeg Festival
24 Calgary, CA — Calgary Jazz Festival
26 Vancouver, CA — Vancouver Jazz Festival (opening for Joshua Redman)
28 Montreal, CA — Le Festival Int’l De Jazz De Montreal (w/ Mike Stern)

30 New York, NY — The HighLine Ballroom

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