Bad Brains – Build a Nation – Comeback Album of the Year?

WHOOO HOOO!!!! Holy Moly Bad Brains is getting on the comeback trail (along w/ Genesis, The Police, Rage Against the Machine, and MANY others).

But I couldn’t be more excited. With all of the crappy new music out there (Fall Out Boy for instance) it’s a no brainer (pun intended) for me to bring back the old because even if a new album from an old band is sub-par it’s better than the new crap that’s out now. Man is it tough to listen to the radio these days or is it just me? Panic at the Disco (nice make-up, but, uh, no.), AFI (wannabe power punk?), My Chemical Romance (eh), MUSE (ok, so the dude’s a good player – but I say overrated..reminds me of a cross between Radiohead and Morrisey), The Bravery (?), and don’t even get me started on The Red Hot Chili Peppers (an oldie gone sour)…but I seriously digress.

This is about Bad Brains new come back album – Build a Nation. I already like it and it hasn’t even been released (due out June 26th). I guess I’m starving for something to listen too (I know there’s tons out there…I’m getting to it!).

Now for the best part….ready?……really?……Guess who produced the album? Go on…COME ON, GUESS!

Noooooo….Not Butch Vig

Nooooooo….Not Colin Hayes

Noooooooooo….NOT Billy Corgan

BUT ADAM YAUCH FROM THE BEASTIE BOYS!!!! WOW. Very. Very. Cool. There will be another report shortly after the release on this bad boy…stay tuned and would like to hear your thoughts on this one (c’mon, doesn’t anyone remember “I against I”?)

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