Paul McCartney – Track list for "Memory Almost Full"

Sounds like McCartney is jumping feet first into the digital age as this is the first McCartney album to be available in a digital only format as well as a familiar album title frequently seen as a warning on our computer screens.

Here is the track list for “Memory Almost Full”:

“Dance Tonight”
“Ever Present Past”
“See Your Sunshine”
“Only Mama Knows”
“You Tell Me”
“Mister Bellamy”
“Vintage Clothes”
“That Was Me”
“Feet In The Clouds”
“House Of Wax”
“End of the End”
“Nod Your Head”

What do you think Paul McCartney thinks of Yoko Ono’s new album “Open your Box” (man that’s a brutal album title)?

4 thoughts on “Paul McCartney – Track list for "Memory Almost Full"

  1. Sad 2 say but poor ol’ Paul hase jumped the shark. His best is waaay behind him. Lighting in a bottle comes once in a lifetime. But lennon/ mccartney will live forever. Thanks, Paul!

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