100th post on Top 40 Music Sucks!

I just noticed that we hit our 100th post. Not bad for us slackers here on Top 40 Music Sucks! In celebration I thought I’d share this kick ass streaming site a friend just showed me which is located in the UK. There’s everything there from TV shows, movies, anime, cartoons, to music videos…and everything streams really fast. The quality ranges from video to video, but it’s a really cool site none the less. I just checked out last nights episode of Entourage (Ari is great) and a couple of Queens of the Stone Age video’s…good stuff.

Music Videos: http://tv-links.co.uk/index.do/5

Shows: http://tv-links.co.uk/index.do/1

Movies: http://tv-links.co.uk/index.do/4

Cartoons: http://tv-links.co.uk/index.do/2

Anime: http://tv-links.co.uk/index.do/3

Sports: http://tv-links.co.uk/index.do/6

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