Reunited Van Halen Eyeing Fall Arena Run

A proposed summer amphitheater tour by a reunited Van Halen that was derailed when guitarist Eddie Van Halen checked into rehab now looks like it may be resurrected as a fall arena run. Several arena holds are in place in major markets for potential Van Halen dates, Billboard.com has learned.

The tour, negotiations for which were first tipped here on Jan. 24, would feature David Lee Roth, Eddie and Alex Van Halen and Eddie Van Halen’s teenage son Wolfgang on bass.

4 thoughts on “Reunited Van Halen Eyeing Fall Arena Run

  1. Yeah, if you’re gonna do it…do it right. I mean the police didn’t get Sting’s kid to play the guitar on the tour. And now that everyone has short hair, I have to ask…will they be too pretty?Yes, maybe.will they suck?More than likely.But who cares. To see David Lee Roth with Eddie would be pretty fucking cool.Me and Chris saw VH on the original Monsters of Rock Tour. We were 15. Mike couldn’t go because his parents are pussies. Did we invite Mike? Didn’t stop that bitch from seeing Rush with Brian LaFayette. Ah, Brian. Those weren’t the days.

  2. Will Eddie be able to deliver the goods this time around because the last tour real sucked…and it wasn’t because of Sammy.Let’s see how well the rehab worked.

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