Deerhoof – Indie Prog?

In a Pitchfork review of Deerhoof’s new album “Friend Opportunity” Chris Dahlen says “We’ve been using the term “inde prog” mostly to describe bands that quick-cut between ideas and construct mini-suites out of mini-songs. But on this record Deerhoof take everything that clique of indie bands has worked toward– add the suddenly popular twee vocals– and ride it like an h-bomb.”

Chris Dahlen further goes on to mention 70’s art rock bands like Yes, Genesis, and King Crimson to describe Deerhoof’s musical highs…interesting. Sounds like a band I could get into, but what other bands would be considered “indie prog”? When I did a search on Pitchfork Media’s website for this so oft term to describe bands like Deerhoof I got…well…nothing. Also, what the hell are “twee vocals”?

3 thoughts on “Deerhoof – Indie Prog?

  1. Check out piratepods.com podcast with Greg of deerhoof.piratepods is a webzine dedicated to interviewing artists, musicians, filmmakers, actors, and activists from all backgrounds and genres.To date we have interviewed Steven Drozd (of the Flaming Lips), Mike Watt (punk legend), Ziggy Marley, and many others in the music community. We have lots of independent and up and coming artists that you might want to check out for your blog, too.Much happiness and success,Tiffany

  2. Normally I’d spam kill the above posts, mostly because you felt the need to tell us who Steven Drozd and Mike Watt were! (Who’s Ziggy Marley?) but I’ve checked out the site and although new…it does have some really good podcasts and potential. Good Luck w/ the site!

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